Yrnk plays *NEW* ANIME ROBLOX BASKETBALL GAME, impossible to guard me... - bestfungamesll.com

Yrnk plays *NEW* ANIME ROBLOX BASKETBALL GAME, impossible to guard me…

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  1. It’s nice seeing a click to shoot game that actually doesn’t allow you to get a steal just because ur near the ball

  2. bru if you got 2k21 mobile download that shit and upload that’d be funny asl😂

  3. I didn’t even get the noti I just found it in my recommended

  4. Hello yrnk this is the golden state warriors your just needed on our team for splashing to much.

  5. Love the vids not finna cap. Always funny as hell 💀

  6. Yo Are You In the discord I BEEN LOOKING FOR THAT GAMES DISCORDD >:(

  7. mb im late i was on a 12 hour drive to tennese i was tired still am gn, but good vid 20k on the way

  8. He sat like he sittin on seat in school suffering

  9. 20k coming soon ❤️ I hope you have a wonderful day yrnk

  10. If you wanna know the name of the anime it’s based off of it’s called kuruko plays basketball where kagami taiga and dike

  11. I like how this nigga bang his table everytime 😂😂

  12. bro with all do respect i would like you to teach me this game man and ur content is great keep it up💯

  13. Im kise in that game ive been playing for a while

  14. 4:11 this man just politely smashed his desk compared to his other vids

  15. The Abilities are from kuroko no basket I was just watching some compilation and I saw this funny guy

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