Young basketball players beat up referee at DeKalb County church -

Young basketball players beat up referee at DeKalb County church

FOX 5 Atlanta
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It happened at the end of a game at Stronghold Christian Church. The tournament organizer said police are investigating.

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  1. At least he really pieced that first kid up

  2. No whites were involved…. WHY arent they saying THEIR RACE?

  3. Adults stand and watch…

    And Democrats want to take away our firearms? That ref was over 55yrs old man…

    IDC what kinda work u do what kinda neighborhood u live in? Obtain a legal firearm it's only gonna get worse.. Americas falling apart and Democrats are behind it all with G Soros … You can be a victim or defend yourself ..

  4. This is what they learned in Sunday school before the game.🚽💩🧻

  5. This what the nuggets need to do against the ref

  6. Forever banned from sports. The referee will need life long payments for life long headaches and dizziness

  7. Before SOME of y’all ignorants comment about blk thugs,let us not forget about Jan.6

  8. Straight to jail for assault and battery – kicked out of school.

  9. All those saying the ref did nothing wrong🤣 like yeah the players ain’t in the right either but how a grown man gonna think it’s better swinging on kids then jus leave the gym🤣

  10. Bunch of pos punk kids. That’s just sick. All those kids belong in jail along with there trash parents. Sick. Pure trash. 10 on 1. What pos those kids are

  11. Run away from that place , people there are savages.

  12. They put hands of the Holy Ghost on that referee 🤣

  13. the racism under this video is astonishing. how are people like this in 2022 !

  14. The ref was cheating against these kids the whole game. He wouldn't get his ass beat if he was calling a fair game. Good for his ass.

  15. Yeah as a teen i fkd up a few adult men that thought they were gonna "whoop" me. Every single one deserved it. Never fight to knock out, always fight to kill.

  16. I love it! most refs need some sense knocked into them!

  17. Only the NBA gets away with rigged games

  18. Bruh this supposed to be a Christian church? Oh word????

  19. Bring back the belt teach these brats manners

  20. Ghetto kids like them give us middle schoolers bad reputations…

  21. Some refs need that because they think they bigger than the game!

  22. I hope bro good or whatever but the female ref is fine as hell 💀

  23. Idiots can't handle losing and cowardly referees just stand by and watch. Great world we live in.

  24. I guess he should've never called that personal foul on #5. Lol

  25. You also never though at a kid as an adult doesn’t matter . I saw this at my school . My teacher just took it good man knows better than to hit some hormonal teenagers

  26. I can't help but notice what all the attackers have in common….hmmmmmm

  27. That ref was holding his own for a second, Also, screw those other refs for just standing by, They could have atleast blew their whistles

  28. The ref swung and connected, then he became fair game. Just gotta use your eyes.

  29. All little girls see they all run why you runing little girls … soooo funny but poor ref who cares if he cheated dont need to gang up on him .. an the crowed weow just watching youz are all as guilty didnt even help

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