Worlds Largest Basketball Arcade Face-Off! -

Worlds Largest Basketball Arcade Face-Off!

Team Edge
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Hey guys! In this video, we’re going head-to-head on the largest basketball arcade challenge ever built! Watch as we put our skills to the test to see who will come out on top as the ultimate basketball champion. Who do you think will win? Comment down below and let us know who you’re rooting for!

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Welcome to Team Edge!
Here’s 3 things we love!
-We love spending time with each other, creating crazy competitions, and having fun doing it! That’s all you’ll see on this channel every Tuesday and Friday!
-We love Jesus and believe it’s our purpose here on earth to spread the good news that he has saved us from our sins. Because we love Him, it’s our mission to provide family friendly content that glorifies Him!
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  1. Man, almost no comments talked about the actual video.

  2. Bobby God bless 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Goodbye Bobby. I always loved watching you compete ever since you came to the channel. Farewell, may God bless you and guide you, and remember we all love you.

  4. Is Bobby Going to be visiting??????🙃
    (Quite A Coinsedence BC My YT Name Is Bobby Too!)

  5. I keep having a reoccurring dream about playing a giant friggin arcade basketball game… This is literally it.

  6. Team edge is dead won't be the same waiting for that I'm leaving YouTube video next😢

  7. I will miss bobby-son i remember the first video it was the soda flip challenge and where at the end bobby got splashed with soda. Bobby was my favorite because he always made me laugh with the funny monents he gave us. Congrats bobby on becoming an officer 🎉

  8. We are missing you Bobby 😣 im watching u guys from 2015 bryan joe Matthias and then bobby came in as a cameraman and then as a member and everyone loved him as member im really emotionally attached to you guys im from Pakistan but whenever i watch your videos i think i have family in usa specially seeing joe in videos he is like my big brother love you guys 👐👐🇵🇰

  9. Hey tell bobby we love him and his time with you guys and on your vids and make sure he takes a picture with his first bass in Tennessee

  10. 🤍First ever video I watched of you was back in 2016 I been watching every single video you posted I still remember the first time I watched you I was setting next to my tv and I started crying laughing because of one of ur videos I don’t remember the video but I know bobby was the one who made me laugh the most and I’m really am going to miss you bobby we all will miss you 🤍

  11. Been around since the Matthias days, love you guys and what God has done with you! Good luck Bobby! Love you guys!

  12. Nooo bobby was my favorite character. Well all good things come to a end. Bye bobby! 😢❤

  13. I totally wasn't crying when they said Bobby was leaving… that's not me at allllll… 😅😅😭😭 Gonna miss him so much, he was such a loved member of Team Edge, and I think I speak on behalf of everyone who's watched Team Edge for this time when I say we wish you all the best Bobby and we love you! Have an amazing time on your new journey that God has given you, Team Edge won't be the same without you ❤❤

  14. Where's Bobby going now? What's he going to be doing? I'm really going to miss my favorite Team Edge member. He's one of the reasons I started watching Team Edge over 4 years ago. I really hope I'll be able to see him again, if not on Team Edge then hopefully somewhere else on the internet. I really wish him well, and I hope he's really successful.😭😢😣😞

  15. Bobby no 😭😭 I have such a big crush on you and honestly without you I don't see a point to watching team-edge videos, I hope you come back

  16. Since Jake broke his pair of huge tickets, a cashier won't accept them for the victor to see the Lakers game on the house. He'll still have to pay full price for admission.🏀

  17. make a youtube channel Bobby. also you could collaborate sometime,when you move to Tennessee have a good time:)

  18. Wait I haven’t seen them in awhile I didn’t know Bobby left !!!!

  19. Dam 6 years. Team edge is 7 years old. But it feels like a life time a go. I was fresh out of highschool but watch a couple of videos before a bit and i fell in love with the 3 legends. I just connected with all of them and then new ones. But we will never forget them and we will hold a great place in out hearts for them as theu go off on their new chapter of their life. We the fans say this dont forget team edge and we wont forget any of yall who was on camera or behind it. We love each and one of yall and good luck to pass and future team edge workers.

  20. Wait Bobby is leaving!!?? 😢😢😢
    Well that's a big sad mood… On the positive side- good luck Bobby in your move and next project! Really going to miss your antics!
    Big love for Team Team ❤

  21. I hope Bryan never leaves! He’s my fav, he’s funny 😂
    But sad bobby left! , I been watching team edge for awhile! 😢

  22. Wouldn't be a Team Edge video without Cryin' Bryan "forgetting" a punishment

  23. I stopped watching team edge because of Bobby leaving

  24. 9:00 Bobby last automatically winning joke , the Iconic joke 😭😭

  25. I’m a 33 year old wife/mom, who has been watching you guys since you’ve been in Matthias’ garage! I was single and depressed back then.
    You guys’ channel was a lighthearted fun, positive, and happy place for the quiet times of my life. I love that y’all are so similar to me, as far as beliefs all the way to how you make fun of each others speech mess ups! 😂❤

    When you three started to grow, I got lots of enjoyment watching you thrive and have always loved your videos.

    I got married, my husband became a fan.
    I had a daughter. She became a fan. She’s now two and a half, and she’s asked daily (multiple times a day…) to watch ‘by-an, joy-ee, and bobby’.

    I’m so so sad to see that this was your last video, Bobby. And it was quite a sad shock for my husband and I.
    But, I’m so glad you’ve been apart of Team Edge for all this time, and we’ll miss you a ton! But, to me you’ll always be part of TE.

    We love you and wish you the best in your new life!!! Good luck and take care of yourself, we will really miss you. (And I’m sure my daughter will ask where you are for a while, but that’s ok.) ☺️👍🏼💚 Goodbye!

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