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Wisconsin vs #3 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 11 24 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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Wisconsin vs #3 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 11 24 2022
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  1. what a wild game. as a ku fan this shouldnt have gone to OT, but i gotta give props to wahl for single handedly carrying his team to stay in the game

  2. Another Rock Chalk championship! Every team will give KU their best shot. Both NCST and Wisconsin likely played their best game in Atlantis. I doubt either team will play this well for the remainder of the season. RCJHGOKU

  3. Another great highlight. This Jayhawk is overseas and enjoying every highlight game. Keep them coming. RCJHGOKU

  4. Clutch 3 to send it to overtime. Then the composure on defense. Super impressive. Especially since Wisconsin was probably playing way harder. We’re gonna get everybody’s best. But we’ll keep finding ways to win.

  5. Good job badgers for almost beating the current champions

  6. Wisconsin wins if they clean up the glass

  7. Credit to UW. I can’t stand their style of play but they were great in the 2nd half. KU extremely fortunate after blowing big leads and not getting called out of bounds on that final play in regulation.

  8. His first two of the game and his most important! Omg

  9. F'n chucky Hepburn, pass the ball the Wahl my guy! You got 6 points in 30 mins, give it to the guy that brought you back

  10. Matthew Loves Bball the goat with the highlights 💪🏾. Rock Chalk!

  11. I blame Jwil on the missed fts in regulation tbh

  12. This game is the only way I could describe it as Wisky ball. If they could have shot 40 percent they would have won. There defense is awesome. If there offense ever gets close to it they with be hard to beat.

  13. kansas is in trouble..

    wiscrapsin is a garbage team and it took you ot??????

  14. Refs got paid from Kansas FR terrible calling

  15. ALWAYS ON WISCO!!! but damnnn im tired of always being so close yet always so far. MY LOVE FOR WISCONSIN IS A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT!!! LETS GO BUCKY!!!

  16. KU played like this much of last year, sloppy. They did not deserve to win this game, blew a good lead late with some costly turnovers. Wilson is good when he drives, not when he shoots. Grady should not have been out of the game that long.

  17. I like the volleyball girls team Wisconsin bro ahahaa

  18. Harris HAS start driving rack, near end of close gms.
    Love Wilson, but he has use his teammates at end close gms. He's trying do it all

  19. Dick HAS start inserting himself more offensively.
    Meaning driving ball to rack hard.
    Cuz he's outstanding shooter but he CANNOT just pigeonhole himself "as that!"
    Or teams will make him a ghost for long periods taking his 3point shot away.
    He'll fig it out.
    But def needs drive more.
    LOVE our 3 Wings tho (Wilson, McCullar, Dick..)
    Then once Rice comes back? He has Remy Martin, 6th man type potential.

  20. Wins a Win, especially vs ANY Pwr5 school.
    This Wisconsin team is tp25 material

  21. I thought Udeh should've come in after McCullar hit that corner 3 put Kansas up 8pts with under 4mins play in Regulation. Off the Wis Timeout.

    Just 4 DEFENSE, Paint protection, Rim protector. We gotta start inserting him. That imo was perfect spot.

  22. University Kansas I hope The NCAA punishes you for all your dirty violating ways. You are a cheating program.

  23. Kansas being investigated for corruption by the FBI, no big deal.

  24. Great defensive game from both teams. J.W was too much to stop but Klesmit shut down Gradey when he got hot and kept him off. KU fan here but they SUCK at free throws year after year. I was hoping that would change but nope never going to happen. If Wisc had another scorer it would’ve been a different story, but with the defense I witnessed from Wisc they deserve to be top 25. I’d blame their lack of scoring on KUs defense but Wisc only scored 43 the game before… They need another bucket collector. Great team y’all should be proud and look for them to cause an upset come March

  25. KU player was obviously out of bounds on the pass before the game winning shot & KU fans are braging. 🤣🤣

  26. Good Game. The Rebounding needs to be more solid for Wisconsin. Especially in the waining seconds of both regulation and overtime sessions. They had their chancesb though.

  27. After the game you could see when the guy shot a three and got a rebound the guy stepped out they hit a three and then went to ot.

  28. Essgian is better than wilson and grady dick no questions asked.

  29. Kansas was very fortunate to win this at the end. @26:34 #21 from Kansas is clearly out of bounds with the ball still in his hand and the ref looking right at it. @31:34 #10 from Kansas grabs the jersey of #5 from Wisconsin preventing him from getting the rebound, then goes over his back to tap the ball #0 from Kansas. @31:39 when Wisconsin inbounds the ball there are 6 Kansas players on the court (that should have been a 2 shot technical foul awarded to Wisconsin).

  30. If anyone actually watched the game. KU hit a bunch of 3s and had lots of offensive rebounds from bricks. That was the first half. Badgers should have won end of regulation and then another prayer on a missed brick from a big man. J Wilson is good.

  31. So Kansas got lucky Wisconsin is best team in college basketball right now. They look most complete. Tn also looks good. Why isnt Wisconsin ranked?

  32. god i hate chucky for always trying to play hero ball

  33. I love these "I do not intend to claim copyright and apologize blah blah. You did, you know full well you did lol. it is like saying I know i robbed a bank, but I apologize if I did..

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