Who is better?🏀#kellyoubrejr #stephencurry #shorts #basketball #3points #top #hype #highlights - bestfungamesll.com

Who is better?🏀#kellyoubrejr #stephencurry #shorts #basketball #3points #top #hype #highlights

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  1. Bro that’s not even a question. It be the CHEF!!!

  2. Yeah right who do you think? That’s like asking who’s better Messi or Landon Donovan

  3. Steph plus rn he is the best three point shooter

  4. Steph is like “you ain’t there young blood”

  5. Steph he hit the 3 point buzzer beater passing Kelly

  6. Not even a question…duh…obviously Kelly

  7. he throws the ball instead of a shot
    I don't like curry 😒

  8. That caption has gotta be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. Comparing Kelly Oubre Jr to Steph

  9. Catch and shoot type of shot VS Actually creating / forcing a deep uncomfortable shot

  10. I just love Oubre's game!🔥🔥🔥

  11. lamelo reaction after Steph hit the three

  12. It's literally curry he has shot from half Cort more than anybody in the NBA

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