WHO BEATING ME IN A 1v1 GAME⁉️👀🤬 #basketball #nba #sports #youtubeshorts #shorts - bestfungamesll.com

WHO BEATING ME IN A 1v1 GAME⁉️👀🤬 #basketball #nba #sports #youtubeshorts #shorts

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  1. Ive been subscribed but i cant and nobody can on this list

  2. People who think bronny is beating him

  3. I had to like and subscribe after I looked in the mirror

  4. Why yo court on grass also bro i liked every player because every player would beat you

  5. I’m sorry but with your jump shot you suck all 5 is beating you even me

  6. 0.01 chance I could beat him but that’s better than 0 🤷‍♂️

  7. Everyone but flight unless your actually ass😭

  8. why’s bro between the legs stiff asl💀

  9. I'm 11nbeen playing my whole life I think I can take you on

  10. I subscribe 5 times and liked it 5 times because anyone on this list would😭

  11. U got no arc respectfully I’m sending that jumper to the stands

  12. Let’s see you play on the 10th for Hook

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