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When the Boston Celtics lose games 🏀😭 #basketball #shorts

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  1. That’s not jayson Tatum that’s Tayson Jatum

  2. If Caleb Williams and JT had a baby 💀

  3. Tatum doesn’t do that at all … try again

  4. Still top team in the East, that’s all I’m gonna say 🤷🏾‍♂️

  5. Why does everybody roast Jayson Tatum after having one bad game 🤣😭 Or really any NBA player after 1 bad game lol

  6. Nah what tingus talkin bout when he mean big down there 💀

  7. I can see Jayson Tatum doing that after every game no matter how bad it is or how good it is

  8. I get scared when giannis gets extra freaky😂😂😂⏸️

  9. Do y’all not realised he barely played a quarter and got 7 points. Like it’s not like he played 45 minutes and scored 7.

  10. We didn’t even fully play are starters and we let Bobby Portis jr cook us

  11. This vid was the most I’ve ever seen Mazzulla care about basketball

  12. Imagine a game being so bad that they cut it off tv

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