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Westbrook & Kobe Duel, KD Hits Clutch Shot | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game

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In this #NBATogetherLive Classic Game, we look back at Westbrook and Kobe going at it with Durant hitting a clutch jumper at the end of the game!

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  1. Wow I don’t even remember Sessions was that bad.

  2. Today i rewatched two 2022 finals games and now im watching this. After an hour i can say that both OKC and Lakers are plain dumber than GSW and Celtics. On the other hand if you cant shoot 3rees it might be good for the basketball.
    (Derek Fisher is a legend. This guy started not very early, at 22yo but managed to play in 259 playoff games, second to only Lebron)

  3. Seeing Steve being a commentator is crazy now 😂

  4. OMG, Russ is real money in those years. watching these games again and to know about Russ's potential, I mean where is he now?

  5. Man i wish LA would have won this series. A Finals Bron/Kobe matchup would have been crazy.

  6. Derek Fisher wearing No. 37 never looked natural.

  7. lets hope Kerr comes back to TV commentary after his coaching stint in Golden State.

  8. that especially Ron Artest named himself "World Peace" is such ridicioulus….

  9. some Moves of Westbrook remind me of Derrick Rose in his prime.

  10. can't believe westbrick was this good at shooting

  11. Kobe won championships for Lakers. KD and Westbrook proved only a waste of space for Thunder.

  12. How the game is kind of crazy, the style of play now benefits KD so much, he has space on those pull ups he can work the midrange as much as he wants, and it really optimizes his skills. On the other hand most coaches aren’t running plays the benefitted Russ like these plays. A lot of his midrange shots were plays working correctly not that iso pull up he does now. Now he’s getting pulled out from that mid range and shooting threes even though his jumper seems like it was made to take these mid range shots. At the same time the spacing does allow him to us his speed and get the basket earlier.

  13. Not to hurt anyone's feelings but watching Kobe's game I think the Lakers would have won more games if he just passed the ball to his teammates rather than iso balling.

  14. YOUTUBE advertisements are normalizing embarassing athletes. good thing it was misplaced cuz basketball players dont really give a fuck. except KD cuz hes a snake lol

  15. Bitch ass youtube shoving advertisements in my face

  16. youtube absolutely flooded this video with ads. made it unwatchable.

  17. the lakers lost cause of the selfish play by Kobe

  18. Is nobody gonna talk about Bynum going crazy

  19. When I use GMS it's just a loud distortion soft what's up with that?

  20. I love ALL of my basketball playing brothers🥰❤️🖤💚 and no shame in my game I'm a Laker fan for life so Kobe gets EXTRA 🥰💛💜l love you forever Kobe and GiGi too 💜💛 and ❤️🖤💚

  21. rip legend kobe briant, you are always in my mind.

  22. The guy with the huge beard seems like a pretty good player, I wonder what he’s doing now.

  23. I know Kobe takes bad shot.But that shot at the end of the game was very bad

  24. Russ was a legit Kobe stopper back in the days.

  25. Aside from the Miami heat the 2012 OKC Thunder were broken as hell in 2K.

  26. Sad westbrook = Westbrick missed a clutch shot L

  27. I can tell you right now why that court is slippery.
    Check this right hurr 53:50
    get this mans a towel

  28. After so many years of hearing Kevin Harlan's voice, I finally saw the face of the voice for the very first time and to me it does not match

  29. 1:01:22
    Is that Britney Spears in the pink? and is that Will Ferell right below her? lol

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