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We Coached A High School Basketball Game

Young Mantis
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  1. “ My kids are going to Kentucky yours are going to Ohio”

  2. Mantis I’m pullin up to your guys next game

  3. Lady need to sit her flat back down and tell her son get better😂😂😂 she looks old to have a teenager

  4. Bro is built like a walking couch 😭😭

  5. No offenses or anything but are you okay or atleast tell me your condition either way man you look teally fckin happy so keep working hard dude love the work❤
    Keep going good job

  6. These kids are trying to play for real and you just out here getting clips which not wrong but common bro be an adult about it at least.

  7. Bro if you look in the back at the beginning you see Nile’s Neumann

  8. Bro should have handed him a 20 with the birth certificate 🤣 Benchwarmers anyone?

  9. Ay what with all the disrespect from us Kentuckians

  10. That woman would not be able to handle the amount of trash talk cam wilder dose if they played RWE

  11. Bro that him is in Indiana mojo up😂 I play their every weekend😂❤

  12. It’s not a milkshake it’s horchata!!

  13. I see Nelson or Niles in the background at the start.

  14. That's not her son he's black she white😂

  15. “Stop bullying my son” bro nobody cares matter fact I bet you he does not care

  16. That ref has reffed one of my games before and he was really chill.

  17. Our kids are going to Kentucky your kids are going to Ohio 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. nah that brith certificate is straight out of the movie “benchwarmers”

  19. I played a game at that place yesterday😊

  20. This guy is not really that funny more annoying actually

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