WATCH: L.A. Teen Punched By Opponent During Basketball Game -

WATCH: L.A. Teen Punched By Opponent During Basketball Game

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Cell phone video captured the moment 15-year-old Lauryn Ham was violently struck by an opposing team’s player during a high school basketball game in Los Angeles. Ham’s mother said, “these type of actions can’t can’t go unexcused. I mean, there has to be consequences for this type of brutal attack.” NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard reports.

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  1. The way she fell and aggressively hooked the other girl's leg wasn't necessary either, but I could almost give her a pass there. Now that we know her father's profession, I'd say that was also learned intentional behavior. Poor sportsmanship.

  2. Matthew 24:12 and because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.😞

  3. What's President Biden's comment on this? I couldn't tell at first, I thought it was a white supremacist she hit. But apparently she's of Asian descent. So curious What vitamin has to say about this Pier. Or Kamala even. But I'm tired of trying to find out where Kamala is or what she's doing

  4. Disgusting human being, she should be banned for basketball for life and serve jail time.. Disgusting parents…

  5. 3rd time she did this to other players folks she will not learn no matter what

  6. Why hasn't the "mother" been arrested yet?

  7. The white Jersey did wrong first, I’m Chinese but I need too say that. Wrong is Wrong and black girl Mother also awful.

  8. BlackLivesMatter but AsianLivesDon'tMatter??

  9. Who's ALWAYS the aggressor?
    She's done this BEFORE!
    Prosecute… hold Mother & daughter accountable NOW!

  10. What does it matter what the aggressor's family thinks?! Obviously the mother who told her to punch the order player is proud! So what seriousness of the offense COULD she see? NONE!

  11. Cori benjamin has attack 3 litle girls violently now….watch the tmx tape as well …this girl should be arrested and banned from the sport…do u care about female athletes (young) female athletes…or not ?then protect them concusions r no joke….
    There's no excuse for this kind of behavior !!!

  12. It's not only embarrassing that the girl threw a sucker punch but the mom told her to do it!! How embarrassing of a family!!!

  13. Talk about privilege not furst time she gas done this

  14. I noticed that the "Stop Asian Hate" crowd is not stepping up and calling this out. It sure stinks when a good narrative gets upended with reality.

  15. Got to be charged with assault and a racial hate crime.

  16. Throw the book at her. there's no need/reason for this type of violence in this type of sprt…at all.

  17. Why was the girl not arrested on the spot and charged with assault?

  18. Blm and the left : that girl who got suckered punched is a white supremacist

  19. very young minors in high school come on very young minors would be 10 and under young minor would be 15 and under that one girl is like 17 almost a adult thats bearly

  20. By the way the mom of the child that got assaulted will most likely drop all charges due to accusations of bieng

  21. If this black girl was white the media would blast her and the parents. Black privilege. Seems like asian victims are usually bullied by black people. Idk why but it's weird how the media treats white people oppose to black people

  22. But if this attack was vice-versa, you'd have a bunch of BLM-fruitloops ready to burn down the gymnasium

  23. Nothing strange and nothing new about this video; same common denominator as always…

  24. "The attacker’s father, former NBA player Corey Benjamin, released a statement apologizing for his daughter’s actions in the aftermath of the incident." ~ yahoo news. That's BS. His punk as daughter should be apologizing as well. She knew what she was doing was wrong. just because your a miner, you don't know what the difference between right and wrong is. I call BS. not only the mother, but the daughter should be charged w/ battery.

  25. The offending black mother is only charged with misdemeanors. This should be a hate crime; it certainly would be had it been the other way around. Double standards.

  26. Boot that girl for team sports and suspension is called for! I would file a police report with charges. U play dumb games u get dumb prizes.

  27. That was a hard hit but that child does not have a concussion she was stuck in her neck

  28. I bet if that was a white girl that did the same thing it would be a lot of protest but I guess if it’s not a white person to blame it all OK

  29. ..angry villagers with pitchforks and torches!☠☠

  30. Black girl hits an Asian girl. If it would have been the other way around or whit girl hitting the black girl, you would have seen antifa or BLM and msnbc jumping all over their racial narrative

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