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The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors, 103-96. Max Christie led the Lakers with 22 points and 7 rebounds while Cole Swider added 19 points. Gui Santon led the Warriors with 25 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 steals as Brandin Podziemski totaled 9 points and 11 rebounds.


  1. You gotta box out someone when the shot goes up every time. Why is Pods wide open and not get passed the ball? This game did not look like Warrior basketball.

  2. Max Christie needs to be in the rotation…10 to 12 mins a game…lakers need to unleashed his potential…he has a high ceiling, just need playing time and I hope they keep him long time, he doesn't need to blossom on other team, but the lakers…kobe 2.0 is about to go off…rip kobe!!!

  3. Please pick up Demarcus Cousins. It makes no since for him to be out there and we need a real “big man” that can put some kind of pressure on other team bigs. Plus, he’s only 32 and unstoppable in the paint. He almost helped GS get over the hump to beat Toronto that year we lost Klay and KD.

  4. Watching max grow is wonderful lakers pls don’t let him walk pay this man when it’s time to

  5. How come pippen Jr not on this team but max is

  6. Since most of these players are new to both fans of these teams, why can't the commentators (play-by-play) at least say their names when they score to help us get familiar with them???

  7. Lakers are loaded with wings. Max C and Cole Swider will probably have to wait to get minutes. But that center, (Tom Castleton?) needs to go into rotation ASAP. 10 min/game.

  8. Nice to see the Lakers' young blood still practicing that Darvin Ham defense. The Lakers have an identity with this type of play.

  9. Summer League Lakers in 5 💯💪🏽😂😂

  10. Get Swider and Castleton for the final roster spot

  11. The interrupting lady announcer wtf
    What if your favorite thing you been doing your whole life was on TV but when you try to watch it some dipshit that doesn't know anything interrupts the entire program with verbal diarrhea. Imagine you have like a makeup show where u just tutorial how to put makeup on but instead of a professional makeup lady its me telling you how to do it. Me. A random dude that's never worn makeup before. Please god get this fn lady outta here
    Espn just fired 100 replacements
    Please god

  12. Nossas estrelas jogam o basquete brasileiro do jeitinho brasileiro 🇧🇷❤️

  13. Is it just me or is Colin castleton already a top 15 passing big in the NBA? 😭 looking like baby plum dawg

  14. It's great seeing Max step up his game. It would've been great to have Kept Lonnie Walker in the hopes of making a good young squad. Christie-Walker-Reaves-JHS.

  15. I hope they do a trickshot that will make me surprised if I see that😮😮😮

  16. Podz goin to the Gleague which is what he needs to grow into the system and big league game: he’s got a great shooting form and can dish some nice assists but he needs work and refinement on his decision making,turnovers, and defense m. I would like to see Santos and Quinones get the 2way contracts since they plan to only have 14 roster spots filled on active roster. Both those guys would probably play the max amount of games allowed and if 1 or the other really shines get signed to active roster. As for the 14th spot would love to see Christian Wood, JTA, or Kelly Oubre there. It’s strength in numbers

  17. Salute to Rob Pelinka the GOAT. Lakers had a brilliant draft this year, and last year if you look at the strides Max Christie and Cole Sniper have made already.

    Hodge is KCP with better court vision, and Castleton has an incredible skill set at his size. I'm tempted to call him Baby Joker.

    Hood-Schifino has an elite handle, can score at all three levels, and always knows where his teammates are on the court. And, Max Lewis is a freak athlete with very solid fundamentals.

    I love this draft class for the Lakers being added to last year's core and new free agent additions. It's scary to think that the Lakers still have two roster spots available to improve even further upon this dominant energy that is building around the Lakers.

  18. The Battle Of California LA Lakers VS Golden State Warriors
    Here Are Your Winners Team California Western Conference Pacific California Los Angeles Lakers

  19. Hudge is a good shooter than Malik Beasley

  20. Warriors as usual: Turnovers, small players, overdrinking, no good handling skills but driving through traffic,poor defense, always looking for shooters but no defenders.

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