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Warriors vs Cavaliers EPIC Finals Rematch On Christmas Day | NBA Classic Game

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With another clutch shot, Kyrie Irving took the Warriors on a trip down memory lane. Irving dropped a short, turnaround jumper over Klay Thompson with 3.4 seconds left as the Cleveland Cavaliers rallied just the way they did in June’s NBA Finals to defeat Golden State 109-108 in a marquee Christmas matchup that more than lived up to the hype.

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  1. Much more balanced teams. Actually a little bit of defense.

  2. Пересматриваю в 23 году… Классный матч, Кайри затащил просто невероятный победный бросок…

  3. The world needs Irving … there is nothing more beautiful than Irving going nuts in a game ..

  4. ANKLE BREAKER FROM LEBRON but the Steph curry plays back the. Were pretty bad but he wasn’t a ball hog so

  5. Forgot about all the controversy at the end with the review of the 24 second violation. Gave the cavs a timeout and let the warriors sub out curry

  6. looking back on this im so glad draymond is finally getting what he deserves i’ve never seen any player get away with so much crying cussing and complaining

  7. Goddamn 🏀 has to be worst game ever. Could put an adult to sleep with no effort

  8. Why did they get rid of christmas jerseys????? 🤔

  9. wfotgdtkdcpfgjqgc😅😅😅😅😅sgqhrg ok vncudyrhj

  10. I Remember Watching This Live Los Angeles Lakers X Orlando Beautful! Sorry! Ok See You Later Bye!

  11. Watching this again made me back when I love the Cleveland and warriors are fighting

  12. Odalisca castillo my love beatifull my black james lebron

  13. Oll love you honey my life james lebron beatifull my king

  14. You dinnerr not interesa yuo love

  15. Princess castillo ruiz mi apellido te lo dice hasta biblico en el salmo 91 castillo mio dijo el señor jeesuscristo

  16. Me vas a venir a buscar a nicaragua my king beatifull in masaya contiguo al hotel ivanias

  17. Para que vengas a conocer my pais nicaragua con tu equipo beatifull

  18. KD ruined steph and lebron rivality

  19. Amazing this game by James ❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. I don't care what team you're on… 1:28:321:28:44 puts the fattest smile on my face. I know teammates celebrate all the time as they should, but it just hit different.

  21. The trust LeBron had with Kyrie is something special. I wished what happened did not happen, it hurts as a Cavs fan. I miss those two together. Could've done more together. I miss Kyrie in Cavs jersey.

  22. anybody else see that draymond tech in the first 5 mins and just have their jaw dropped… they really do have it out for him my god

  23. 23:49 number 2 dribbles, catches with both hands and continues to dribble again…

  24. WOW! Watched this again! That Duo of LEBRON AND KYRIE was so deadly. If it wasn't for kyrie's pride, the cavs would have won several championships, 3peats, Back to back

  25. Amazing 🤩 NBA game. I enjoyed it very much 🤩 . Love from India 🇮🇳.

  26. No It's not good to talk behind people.

  27. Man Durant was wayyyy faster damn 😂😂😂

  28. I remember 7th grade me watching this with my family and cousins , good times frfr . What a classic

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