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VR Basketball Games

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We play 4 VR Basketball Games. VR Sports Challenge, 2K VR, Got Handles with The Professor, and Urban Basketball VR. We see if I can get buckets in virtual reality (spoiler I am bad)



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  1. he said to win call every basketball player

    so who is yeet?

  2. Just think about it, VR with NBA2k21 graphic and you actually playing in-game. LIke Ready player One. It would be something.

  3. Repent and get right with GOD before it’s too late, TRANSFER your TRUST from yourself to the SAVIOR

  4. Not the expect where you get this video game from.

  5. Brian Scalabrine is from Enumclaw, Washington State

  6. i thought you were not i mean i thought you were pewds pediepie lol

  7. MTN DEW: Perfect for

  8. bro whys he so obsessed with the
    mountain dew this man needs to go to therapy or some shii

  9. I died laughing at the Mountain Dew part

  10. Wait I see it #got handles with the professor and Mountain Dew 😂😂

  11. where did you get your VR set i want to get one please.

  12. You were michal Jordan when you did 3 point contest

  13. you should review big ballers basketball

  14. See you on the flipity flop 😂😂😂

  15. You like the foam fingers that are shaped in the devil sign?

  16. I like that you make fun of the adverts and money grabs in the games, then at the end your own ad comes on for us to use what we learned 😉

  17. "Oh, it's off the backboard, Hell yeah"! I'm sold, gotta play this. . .🤩🤣😂😅

  18. The economic voyage fundamentally paddle because sundial concordingly fire past a bloody snowman. rhetorical, wakeful statement

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