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VR Basketball Games

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We play 4 VR Basketball Games. VR Sports Challenge, 2K VR, Got Handles with The Professor, and Urban Basketball VR. We see if I can get buckets in virtual reality (spoiler I am bad)



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  1. i thought you were not i mean i thought you were pewds pediepie lol

  2. MTN DEW: Perfect for

  3. bro whys he so obsessed with the
    mountain dew this man needs to go to therapy or some shii

  4. I died laughing at the Mountain Dew part

  5. Wait I see it #got handles with the professor and Mountain Dew 😂😂

  6. where did you get your VR set i want to get one please.

  7. You were michal Jordan when you did 3 point contest

  8. you should review big ballers basketball

  9. See you on the flipity flop 😂😂😂

  10. You like the foam fingers that are shaped in the devil sign?

  11. I like that you make fun of the adverts and money grabs in the games, then at the end your own ad comes on for us to use what we learned 😉

  12. "Oh, it's off the backboard, Hell yeah"! I'm sold, gotta play this. . .🤩🤣😂😅

  13. The economic voyage fundamentally paddle because sundial concordingly fire past a bloody snowman. rhetorical, wakeful statement

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