Virginia vs #7 Duke Basketball Game Highlights 2 7 2022 -

Virginia vs #7 Duke Basketball Game Highlights 2 7 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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Virginia vs #7 Duke Basketball Game Highlights 2 7 2022
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  1. Awwww…dookie all over dookie fans faces!

  2. One and Done U, AKA dOoK, got beat by a BETTER TEAM!

  3. Does anybody else think that this is a turning point in Virginia season?

  4. Great game and miracle ending,thanks Matthew for a great replay.

  5. After this game does anybody else think Virginia could make a deep run in the tournament? Why why not?

  6. I’m a notre dame fan and I’m so happy duke lost

  7. Give bennett and kihei clark credit. Virginia has nowhere near the talent Duke has, but Panchero is sloppy and tired and even as strong an athlete as griffin learns how difficult it is to go into the paint vs the pack line.

  8. WOW 😳.. Virginia will definitely be there in March!! Congrats from jayhawk country!!

  9. Great game Virginia, thanks for being able to come back and beat Duke. They think that they're untouchable

  10. Man what a game. Look at the fight from that Virginia team! Although the outcome was in their favor, does anyone disappointed with the lack of foul calls for Virginia and the amount of unreasonable foul calls for duke?

  11. 24:10 schyer told (not shown but in full game replay you can see it) the Rat to insert Williams, #15, to guard ball… Confused, Williams thought they were in a 2-3 and ran into paint and left PB out to dry to guard two. LOVED IT. Coach Rat obviously didnt get message into Williams brain and cost em game.

  12. Refs tried their best to give it to Duke but Virginia just wasn’t having it! I will say ACC refs are way better than SEC refs, SEC refs are the worst I’ve ever seen.

  13. Virginia wins in the most ridiculous venue in all of basketball.

  14. All these duke haters in this comment section is lovely. There’s a reason everyone hates us, and it’s because nobody can be duke. Mark pulled a first half of freshman year mark on the last defensive play. Also, Paolo was getting snatched, grabbed, hit, and everything else the whole game. Any other star player in the nation gets calls except him. Let the man be great. Duke fans shouldn’t worry. We never expect to turn around and play good after a damn near complete dominant game beforehand.

  15. Hey Carolina fans in the comment section, y’all remember Saturday night? 😜🤣

  16. Haha, Virginia ruined Duke's night. Love to see Duke lose🙂🙂

  17. Hey Duke fans complaining about the refs, I have a trade offer for you.

    You get:
    24:01 The jump ball call reversed (which was obviously the correct call, there was no body contact at all)

    We get:
    Literally all these calls that went against UVA in ONLY the 2nd half and ONLY the ones that are found in this abridged highlight video:
    10:34 Missed foul by Duke on Caffaro
    11:00 Potential missed charge (50/50 call)
    11:43 Phantom call on Caffaro for… jumping? idk
    12:57 Phantom call on Caffaro for… touching this time? Jeez Caffaro got screwed this half
    13:43 Phantom call on Poindexter for… breathing on Duke shooter?
    14:20 Potential Missed charge against Duke (50/50 call)
    14:21 Phantom call on Shedrick for… making a blocking gesture?
    15:44 Missed foul by Duke on Gardner (Ended up being a facial though, so this one was worth it :))
    17:45 Missed hold by Duke on Shedrick during rebound
    18:09 Do I even need to explain this one? This was easily the worst call of the game. Caffaro got shafted again
    21:24 Doesn't look like it live, but look at the replay @ 21:38. Beekman took a shot straight to the back. Missed call against Duke
    23:32 Franklin takes slap to the face. No call. (Granted it was unintentional, but still should be called)
    24:19 (sigh)… Let's watch that again
    24:19 … one more time…
    24:19 … ahh, that's the stuff… Anyway, obvious missed foul on Duke here that would have sent Beek to the line for a 4 pt. play.

    I'm sure this will make you happy, right?

  18. So stupid. Just dumb. A bunch careless bone head idiots on that court tonight I 👀? This game infuriated me to the point if I see a UGAY fan I'm fighting them on the spot. I cannot believe this garbage. We played garbage, we played into the hands of a garbage team. I'm kinda glad Coach K is leaving, time for Jon Scheyer to step up to the plate because that young man believed in defense. I've got my bracket filled out and I have us going out in the 2nd round. But I have Auburn taking it all. I'm disappointed in this season. We need all 4 star recruits because these 5 stars are worthless players because they are worse than 2-3 star recruits. Ridiculous. 😠 😡 😤

  19. Your channel gets me through the winter, no joke, THANK YOU, can't wait for March

  20. Every time Duke loses, an angel gains its wings

  21. North Carolina’s blew out Virginia , Duke blew out North Carolina and Virginia beats Duke😅 college basketball yhall.

  22. just breaks my HEART to see PUKE lose like that. NOT! go cavs! PUKE losing at HOME IS PRICELESS!

  23. I enjoy a home dook loss more than most things

  24. Matthew may loves ball but Duke more – I would like to see some of Virginia in these "highlights"

  25. That was absolutely incredible. What a huge win for Virginia. To beat the Dukies in there building is one for the ages. I'm impressed with Virginia. How they just hung in there and didn't go away. Road wins are so hard to come by. Great wins are even harder. Top 10 wins are next to impossible. Virginia just pulled that off. Signature win for that program.

  26. Congrats UVA. Duke will be back. Fresh off high stakes game with UNC. No practice. Besides no one really cares about UVA 😂😂. Glad it's a life changing win for their fans. But no one is concerned with who UVA beats in the big picture. If this is the highlight of their whole season then glad Duke could give that to you 😂😂😂😂

  27. So satisfying to see the duke fans disappointment with that 3-pointer, great job Virginia.

  28. Great job Cavs, there is nothing better than seeing dOok and their Whiny jerk face fans, taking an L, especially at Tyler Hansbrough indoor arena!

  29. Haven't seen Reece play since hs and then I finally watch and it's a game winner

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