Video captures 15-year-old girl getting sucker punched during O.C. basketball game -

Video captures 15-year-old girl getting sucker punched during O.C. basketball game

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Video captured during a youth basketball game in Garden Grove shows a 15-year-old girl getting punched in the face by a fellow player on Sunday. Kimberly Cheng reports for the KTLA 5 News at 5 on Nov. 9, 2021.


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  1. Bad parenting, the mother needs to get arrested for influencing her daughter!

  2. That's why young minority kids act the way they do a lot of the parents are animals and they raise there kids also like animals..

  3. when you cant beat her in skill, use violence. LOL

  4. Black people always demands respect and they're the first sucker punching everywhere haha

  5. The black mother and daughter were not kicked out of the game.
    They escaped the cops with the help of the black coach.

  6. They shouldn’t censored her appearance people needs to know how she looks like. She is a criminal.

  7. I remember seeing this when it first happened. I wonder what kind of charges the girl got. I hope she got some jail time.

  8. If the race roles were reversed it would be on the evening news .

  9. That's the name of game . Get off the tracks when the trains coming

  10. Look at how she's acting all animal like Jesus

  11. COWARDS always hit people smaller than themselves.
    If the victim was larger this would never happened.
    Someone's 3 times the bully cowards size should bust her in her face.
    Nothing will solve this problem.
    Stay tuned tomorrow.
    Another bully Another victim

  12. Sounds like the daughter had a concussion! Which means an immediate ambulance ride to the nearest hospital!!!
    Yes, this is just over a year after the Attack(!) But it sounds like both the Attacker & Her "Mother" need to be charged, and the Group which ran the event Sued!!

  13. Leonides Reyes ,We should invent them for denner. says:

    Have them both arrested ,mother and daughter for assault . And that black girl don't look between 13 and 16 of age . Some one should check that black girl , birth certificate . She not 16 of age , for sure .

  14. So stupid she should never play anywhere for that this outrageous

  15. Surprise. It's a black girl. Almost like it's a common occurance. Interesting

  16. Certain types of peoples cannot be trained to be civilized.

  17. Can't even see it as it's blurred out…
    Why even show the video if you're going to blur it?

  18. Is this Oranga Co Calif? The offender will be forgiven, and a statue made for them. Calif no longer prosecutes petty criminals.

  19. Yes, that absolutely does rise to the level of assault! It is not ok!

  20. Naw you shouldn’t be able to play in the league until you have did some community service. Idgf

  21. Yeah she looks like a criminal. Her moms prob one also

  22. I know this girl, went to elementary school with her, I don't know how Corey ended up so violent as she was always so nice. She almost moved into one of our dad's properties 2 years ago.

  23. I'm a parent and I would of went to jail for my child! Don't mess with mama's cub

  24. wow, this mum is the worst why did she tell her daughter to hit another person just because she landed onto her back because she fell, it isnt her fault though.

  25. There goes any chance of that girl getting a career in the future. She's going to have to change her name after that.

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