Vermont man dies after fight at middle school basketball game -

Vermont man dies after fight at middle school basketball game

NBC News
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Authorities are investigating after a 60-year-old man who participated in a fight among spectators at a middle school basketball game in Alburgh, Vermont, has died. WPTZ’s Lauren Granada reports.

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  1. Here is the solution – Give the children the paddle for their misbehaving parents in this brawl. Parents should give the paddle to their children for this misbehavior. I know this is a new approach but these parents are getting out of hand nationwide. Remember that these children will be parents soon.


  3. Maybe we should start banning all parents from youth sporting events, or maybe lock them in cages like they used do for football hooligans.

  4. That little punk #1 better be suspended and kicked off the team as well! Unacceptable from everyone!

  5. idiots with anger issues should not be allowed to have children.

  6. This is what the media is doing to us. I used to start my day by readimg the news. Then i realized the weird animosity I felt towards otger humans had a lot to do with what I thought everyone else is out there doing. Shootings and stabbings and crowds of angry people all over the world. Each of these instances are replayed and cited hundreds of times a day by very powerful companies that have a motive that is far deeper than informing the public. People hate eachother these days and its not low-key anymore. What else can we blame it on? How else do we solve all of this? Do we give up and attribute the violence to a growing world population? The news is ridiculous now and is obviously a culprit.

  7. Imagine the amount of alcohol people sneak into games like this. Look at all the pot bellies- lots of angry drunk conservatives.

  8. Society is in decline when Vermont has gone "hood".

  9. It's a plague of the vaxxed RUN!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The kid wearing #1 was in the middle of it throwing blows

  11. The Natives are getting restless in the suburbs…

  12. Really?? This is what our World is~ we are killing people over childrens sports?!?! Ridiculous.

  13. Remember folks, sports teach "good sportsmanship"….NOT!

  14. Must be parents born in like 1980 or something. Of course they are childlike !

  15. Hillbillies chimpin out. Only thing missing….beside many of their teeth…are the dueling banjos.

  16. As 2nd Amendment Texans are prone to ask, "How might the outcome been different if everyone was carrying?"

  17. Look at these albino monkeys acting like thugs in front of their children. Such low IQ behavior

  18. Looks like a Richard Simmons diet book signing gone wild.

  19. This happened at one of my son's wrestling events. Wrestling moms are vicious!

  20. I feel sorry for the family of that man, he was there to support his granddaughter and ended up loosing his life for no reason because someone decided to take things too far. ITS. A. GAME. No one had to die but because one person had to say that one thing, someone lost their life. I hope that individual who started all of it is charged with manslaughter or whatever the appropriate charge would be. This behavior is unacceptable not just from grown ups, but from parents! DO BETTER!!!

  21. If only we could get rid of these stupid people more quickly

  22. Society is done for.

    I've never caused a single problem at any school event, but was banned from school grounds because teens I know who I've been kind to complained about me being at an event. I know what your thinking and no I was never inappropriate with any kid ever. But the school chose to believe and side with bullying teenagers. That's what our society has come to.

    Meanwhile we have adults beating each other up at school spotting events and even dying.

  23. @1:04 why would you include this shot in your B-roll? WHY?! Nobody wants to see that poor fellow's crusty thumbnail with a portion of his nail bed exposed.

  24. Ban intermural sports for 5 years. End this now.

  25. File murder charges against everyone involved in this fight.

  26. Their values and culture on display, or lack thereof.

  27. It's just a game, people need to stop playing referee in the crowd. You're not in the YouTube comments when you're at the game. Let the referee call the shots. That's what he is paid to do.

  28. Why I don't ref anymore. Humans are a pathetic species, glad when we go extinct altogether, give the earth a break…

  29. Fight over a call made during a GAME. Disgusting

  30. WOW! And l thought the "Malice at the Palace" was bad. 🤣

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