USA vs Serbia - Basketball | Rio 2016 - Condensed Game | Throwback Thursday -

USA vs Serbia – Basketball | Rio 2016 – Condensed Game | Throwback Thursday

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The USA met Serbia at a Group A pool stage Basketball battle at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. It was a rematch of the FIBA World Championship final 2014, which was won 129-92 by team USA. Nine of the twelve Serbian players remembered that final very well, as they showed up in Rio as well.

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  1. boogie best center in the league when healthy

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  3. Serbia was great already to enter the Olympic final, it was Spain in 2008 and 2012

  4. Serbia played really well, it's a close and intense game for USA, managed to keep the margin below 10 points in Q4

  5. "That should be a four points" Exactly 🙂

  6. It's like watching a real life version of teiko vs seiren.
    From korokos basketball.
    Teiko being the US a team full of talent that only relies on selfishness but wins non the less.
    Seiren being serbia playing good and sound basketball and is playing it as a team game.

  7. Upload men's basketball final next.

  8. the game caller here on this channel is a hater!!
    unnecessary comment at the end of the game : remember that, usa basketball surely does.
    that is basketball !! really

  9. This is actually good that the world caught up. Honestly watching thr 92 Dream team just destroy everyone was boring to watch.

  10. Serbia played well for a team that probably only had two players that would make the US camp, much less the team.

  11. I want to see rematch in Japan this year! Improved Jokic and Bogdanovic

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  13. When you play against USA how are you supposed to handle the fact that 100% of their players are NBA all stars

  14. the Serbians were playing as a team…while most of the US Team members are still playing…as if they're the NBA stars….nobody leads them as a team….the US team was lucky…….

  15. I hope they get matched up again, looking forward to seeing Luka Doncic added into the lineup.

  16. Someone please tell these commentators to stop with all the spoilers! Why am I even watching this if you keep telling me what's going to happen next?

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  20. if step, lebron and ad were playing, serbia would have lost badly

  21. I thought my man predicted the play of the century with that don’t foul the 3 shot and immediately KD gets fouled. 💀

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  23. me and my friends playing basketball just for fun, one time i was shooting for 2 points with my eyes closed and scoring about 50 times in a row until i heard some girl asking me can you miss one, i have 4 friends who barely miss shots for 3 points, like out of 100 they will miss max 1, and i have one friend who never miss when he runs forward to score, he perfected his moves and scoring its insane
    so i can only imagine these players talent judging by what people playing basketball for fun can do

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