USA vs Serbia - Basketball | Rio 2016 - Condensed Game | Throwback Thursday -

USA vs Serbia – Basketball | Rio 2016 – Condensed Game | Throwback Thursday

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The USA met Serbia at a Group A pool stage Basketball battle at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. It was a rematch of the FIBA World Championship final 2014, which was won 129-92 by team USA. Nine of the twelve Serbian players remembered that final very well, as they showed up in Rio as well.

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  1. ヨキッチmvpで見に来たけどアメリカ代表えぐすぎて草

  2. i honestly went into this video thinking the usa team would smoke any team they are against, very interesting how it was close

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  4. アメリカの相手ヨキッチやん

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  7. is this live commentary because this guy seems to know what’s going to happen before it happens.

  8. hey nba super jokers you are such a pityful sight to observe you have no imaginatio your only reliance is the threes you are nothing but a robots to me on the other hand the serbes gave you a free lesson on what simfony and poetry in motion in one means shame on you

  9. USA has a great start in Q1, and even the SB perform great in Q2 Q3 Q4 still cannot recover the deficit from Q1

  10. Serbia team is very good at passing the ball.

  11. Joker totally screwed up at the end 🤣

  12. all of those EGO super stars almost lose againts humble and talented TEAM,

  13. 28:14
    And someone will tell me this is fairplay.
    Watch clock on this attack.
    Shame on USA

  14. I was in this game in Rio in 2016. I worked there as a volunteer. I remember that Jokic really impressed me, and he wasn´t even starting the game, only a rookie in the NBA. And today he is the MVP of the league, what a player. Great game. Too bad Serbia won´t be in Japan this year.

  15. Who knew then that Jolie would become the best player in the nba

  16. 25:50 before he was an NBA superstar, his name was completely butchered

  17. their gold medal game was a let down though, after their pool stage, USA destroyed them in the finals

  18. The whole continent against small country in Europe.
    Well done Serbia ! 💪🏻

  19. What a Game. Well played Serbia. Love from India

  20. Who's here because france defeated team usa
    2021 tokyo Olympics😂😂😂

  21. This year I'm getting a very 2004 vibe from this team they should have brought back DeMar DeRozan Carmelo Anthony Kyrie Irving and Coach K

  22. Just by watching this, you could see how the level of competition was starting to change. A lot of teams have improved drastically, and they're not afraid of the Americans anymore. So it's unfair to put all the blame to Coach Pop. You gotta give credit to the other teams for improving their system

  23. Look at the defense here and the hassle on every play. Thats Coach K defense. Change Coach Pop!!!!!!!!!

  24. can someone tell me what actually happened at 2:20 , durant is missing but team usa is taking 3 points, i thought maybe there was 3 time free throws but i checked it creafully and there is no scene cut out. Is there a rule i did not know

  25. Serbia la jodio el primer tiempo del partido sino era ganador

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