USA vs France - Basketball | Rio 2016 - Condensed Game | Throwback Thursday -

USA vs France – Basketball | Rio 2016 – Condensed Game | Throwback Thursday

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After defeating Serbia 94-91 during the Preliminary Round of the Basketball tournament at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio, Team USA had to face France in the Carioca Arena. It promised to be a close match between two of the best national teams in the world. Find out how the story went for Team USA who were looking to keep their unbeaten Olympic record going since their loss to Argentina’s Golden Generation at Athens 2004.

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  1. アメリカのユニフォーム練習着みたいなシンプルさやのになんでこんなカッコいいんやろ

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  3. USA Vs Spain London 2012 final
    Germany Vs Nigeria basketball world championship 2006

  4. I'd actually watch the NBA if these Frenchmen were in the league. Great 🏀 basketball!

  5. Spain>Argentina > France, France is the 2nd strongest team from Europe

  6. Americans winning in basketball is like the Chinese winning in Ping Pong. Bruh no one else does that sport as much as you do, of course you are going to win lol

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  8. Am I the only one cheering for France even though I knew USA is gonna win

  9. Klay Thompson is straight automatic man it’s crazy

  10. Dang, Klay Thompson was on fire 💥💥💣💣💣

  11. Anybody here crying after the 2021 loss to France? Cuz samesies

  12. And now France has defeated USA in Tokyo.

  13. This is super annoying, because the commentator spoils the game by telling you what’s about to happen.

  14. Watching here after USA team lost to France Olympic 2021., 😁

  15. Your great players stayed back home doing what? . I am not American even I am pissed

  16. durant is a nightmare for France 🙁 … he plays so well against us (final jo 2021)

  17. Heurtel was a killer at Rio, so quick, it seems so easy for him to slap the US defence! But a very bad defence on 3p (Thompson, Antony), this led to the US victory.
    Vincent Collet a toujours fait quelques choix étranges au niveau recrutement… Diot est gentil, mais que fait-il là ? Kahudi ne valait pas Adrien Moermann en poste 4.

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  19. People republic? Don’t u mean Xis playground?

  20. i want to see again dream team with kobe bryant

  21. Nike Basketball x Care Bears 40th Anniversary in 2022.

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