USA vs Argentina 2012 Olympics Men's Basketball Exhibition FULL GAME HD 720p -

USA vs Argentina 2012 Olympics Men’s Basketball Exhibition FULL GAME HD 720p

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LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and the United States basketball team play a preparation game against Argentina before the 2012 London Olympic games. Full game in English.
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  1. KD keeps calling for the ball in the 4th yet everyone hogging the ball not making shot lol


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  3. guau me gustó esa presentación de tv que l..hicieron a los jugadores Argentinos..

  4. Where are the jerseys of the Argentina national team? What a shame?

  5. If this team Argentina played in the NBA an entire season and their starters played heavy minutes in all 82 games when the play offs start I believe they will be more tired than teams who do not force their starters to play heavy minutes. Nevertheless it would be fun to see Team Argentina take on the entire NBA!!!!

  6. if this is a game 7 series Argentina will win

  7. They could defeat the 1992 team thanks to better medicine, science and new training.

  8. OMG!!! Thise USA team recycle the original Dream Team uniform!

  9. 2012 team U.S.A had solid line up..💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  10. From that game day Kobe had only 8 years to live, what an injustice..

  11. Argentina como USA son iguales de racistas y clasistas

  12. Manu Ginobili is the best 6th man of all time.

  13. 这是个真正的美国队的好球赛

  14. 因该多练习多射球射球手们啊

  15. USA played poorly in the second half. The previous team of Jordan, Bird, Barkley, Ewing, Pipen is clearly better than this one. They shot better. If you can make these two teams play against each other the older team would win i think. Very best wishes.

  16. el número 11 de Arg qué hace? (desastre)

  17. God I truly miss this era of basketball. The life I lived, the joy of watching my favorite player all time Kobe, man.. I miss this time 😟

  18. With Kobie and KD it was very difficult to defeat them

  19. It’s crazy that they only lost by 6 points.

  20. Ginobili is the most flopper basketball in the history of sport.😂😂

  21. USA played well but I’m not gonna lie the refs favoured USA. Foul 9:59 but they called this 10:24. Chris Paul slapped someone 13:03 . The shot clock issue 13:07 . They said Westbrook was fouled🤣 16:39 . This were everyone was like nah bro. 18:56

  22. I still think Argentina was the true winner look at the team USA had and they barely won wow shocking they get compared to the True dream team

  23. That! American team so lazy!

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