USA v Spain - Full Men's Basketball Final | Beijing 2008 Replays -

USA v Spain – Full Men’s Basketball Final | Beijing 2008 Replays

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Relive the full Men’s Basketball Final from the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing! The United States’ “Redeem Team” with NBA superstars like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Team captain Kobe Bryant faced the Spanish squad. After a disappointing third place in the 2004 Olympics, the pressure was high on the USA to regain an Olympic title and to carry on the legacy of the former Olympic Dream Team of 1992. Would they manage to beat Spain in the final match for the Gold Medal? Enjoy watching and find out!

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  1. The price of this game is guam Puerto Rico and Philippines.

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  3. – Papá, ¿Por qué mi hermana se llama Rosa?
    – Porque a tu madre le encantan las rosas
    – Ah vale, gracias papá
    – De nada Final Estados Unidos VS España Pekín 2008

  4. Usa con ese equipazo, no necesitaban tambien los favores de los arbitros, vaya verguenza y robo, se pasaron todo el partido dando golpes

  5. Watching this game u can tell the refs was helping Spain

  6. Only in Olympics, you will see the audience cheer for both sides.

  7. Why did Spain put the first name instead of the last name on the back?

  8. What a great game back then, miss the time.

  9. Watching this after that embarrassment that was France vs USA

  10. Who's watching this after the us team loss to France.

  11. lmao Boozer went from 'we don't need a guy like lebron' to watching and cheering Bron from the bench

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  13. best basket ball game in olympic, thank you china

  14. when Chinese can cheer for USA. now we in bad relationship

  15. This is the line up that the USA team should always have in every olympics. "All out"

  16. Imagine play Olimpics final’s at 17 years and face every legend Rubio did this

  17. I remember this game tipped off at like 1am local time where i live. Great memory staying up with my father and mother to watch us win the gold medal 🥇

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  19. Carlos boozer benched the entire game but still got a gold medal. TSK TSK TSK smh

  20. 籃球王國的美名非西班牙 莫屬 太棒了

  21. I forgot how dominant D-Wade was in his prime. He came in half way through the first quarter and changed everything.

  22. Para ser jugadores de la NBA fallan mucho y lo único que les ayudó fué su fuerza física.

  23. Now LAL has three of the starters at Beijing Olympic Final.

  24. The lenses of press is like air defense missile when there's a dunk! Lol!

  25. I enjoyed the joy of Spanish players on the podium.

  26. What a huge game !!! How intense it was, they really gave the USA a hard time

  27. To this day, one of the best basketball games I've ever watched.

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