USA v Spain - Full Men's Basketball Final | Beijing 2008 Replays -

USA v Spain – Full Men’s Basketball Final | Beijing 2008 Replays

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Relive the full Men’s Basketball Final from the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing! The United States’ “Redeem Team” with NBA superstars like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Team captain Kobe Bryant faced the Spanish squad. After a disappointing third place in the 2004 Olympics, the pressure was high on the USA to regain an Olympic title and to carry on the legacy of the former Olympic Dream Team of 1992. Would they manage to beat Spain in the final match for the Gold Medal? Enjoy watching and find out!

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  1. one of the strongest American team ever, but still Spain managed to put on a fight

  2. Excited to see how the landscape would look like in 2024. For the first time ever, the best basketball player in the world isn't from the US. It's either from Greece or Slovenia

  3. That Jimenez dude could ball. A superstar in his role

  4. When you want to watch awesome basketball😊

  5. Alguem tem o video completo de Estados Unidos x Espanha pela primeira fase em 2008?

  6. Wade my choice, woow, your performance was so exceptional today, long live USA…….

  7. love how kobe and gasol hug each other after the game😍

  8. Kobe was gone, we miss him. CP3 /James / Wade ……. they dominate this game

  9. 10 points. They dream team. It was not eanough

  10. 13 years later, USA went from this squad to Javale McGee and Keldon Johnson.

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  12. Dream team is the best team ever , this one is only second by the way where is Shaquile he's not dedicated to his country same as Curry.

  13. Would this Spain team beat the defending 2008 NBA champs Celtics ?

  14. How is possible to score 118 vs 107 with such a high defensive intensity?

  15. I’m a little disappointed is USA’s defense. Dream team of 92 gave more effort. No question though that Spain was a much better team than Croatia. I think this USA team lacked strong rebounding, and Spain exposed it with the Gasol brothers. In the end, too much firepower from Team USA.

  16. Nice to see LeBron proud to be an American… how times have changed.

  17. 37:52
    Why was the spain team called traveling on kobe?
    Looks normal to me, but then again inever played basketbal professionaly.
    Was it really a travel violation? Looks just fine to me, even in slow motion

  18. This is the only time I watched Olympic Games

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  20. I would feel great if it were me there i would play to the best of my ability representing USA in a far a way Land means so much

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  22. 那时候普通中国人似乎还是对美国颇有好感

  23. 保罗真的是很脏都暂停了还去抢别人的球还拿手指,人家把罗人渣。

  24. I love back when basketball was still chippy like this but not too crazy like in the 80s where u could practically punch someone and get away with it😂

  25. That hug between kobe and Gasol…🥺🥺.
    Wade was something else.

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  27. 1:49:58 Wade did Boozer dirty there lol. Dude was on the bench the WHOLE game and Wade didn't pass him to ball to at least get a FG attempt 😂🤣

  28. Spain and france is the only team that can compete to the all stars of the usa

  29. Yo pienso que es la mejor final de baloncesto de unos juegos olímpicos.

  30. Такое ощущение, что американцы даже вспотели и тем более не устали….

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