USA v China - Beijing 2008 - Basketball Replays | Throwback Thursday -

USA v China – Beijing 2008 – Basketball Replays | Throwback Thursday

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The FIBA Basketball World Cup is taking place in China right now – reason enough to throw it back to the Summer Olympics 2008 in Bejing, where the all-time Olympic Basketball champion USA played against the host China.

What is your favorite Olympic moment of all time? Let us know in the comments below and it might be featured in the next #ThrowbackThursday!

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  1. Was it USA team or African, 😂😂
    Oh sorry USA don't have any players, most are immigrants 😂😂

  2. U.S.A national basketball assiocation or nba, is the most best basketball assiocation of the world😲

  3. This was probably the greatest Chinese team ever

  4. Deron Williams has not belonged on the court in any of the games I’ve watched

  5. I thought Snoop Dogg was Chris Bost 🤕😆

  6. If youre happy and you know it clap your hands

  7. 中国队:换着人的上来犯规,孙悦这个垃圾球打不进只想着偷袭盖一下冒,其他人基本没办法打进内线,控卫运球不知所谓…队员上篮都可以上去篮球框最上边…

  8. 再回首物是人非,想念那时的人(包括kobe)

  9. 第四節 剩下1:25 Boozer持球滑倒中國觀眾也能笑出聲音,中國人素質真差啊

  10. The land grabber China was defeated the USA is still the best

  11. after an hour watching this I just realize Kobe isnt with us anymore 🙁

  12. Amazing video. Great game for USA vs China. I'm a big fan of basketball league. My grandfather Te Kue Giap is from Amoi, China.

  13. Great game. Thanks for uploading the classics from this amazing team!

  14. USA basketball was like that back then lol not anymore in 2021

  15. Mamba kobe guarding full court, olympic melo, Pre 6 miami lebron, superman dwight, flash dwade, dino bosh. best team after the 92 dream team

  16. Bóng chày, bóng rổ, hockkey, bóng chuyền, mỹ number 1

  17. Chinese were not taught dunk
    nor they had internet 😂

  18. 美国应该派中学生队打中共国的国家队,

  19. 肌彈力,爆發力,企圖心,不敌美國隊。

  20. 13年说长不长,说短不短,物是人非…

  21. Ningun otro equipo como el de Barcelona 92 Dream Team !!!!!!!

  22. Maybe the Chinese basketball team needs to hire conditioning coach from US. lift some weights, eat better, stop smoking. until the Chinese players are stronger physically, no coaches in the world can help them win the Gold.

  23. You will gonna lose china,.you can't beat the us team for sure.

  24. That boo when USA getting free throw. What a low class people

  25. The ready crop putatively embarrass because consonant gergely record amongst a youthful believe. childlike, fortunate donkey

  26. I watched today because I miss this era so bad :(((

  27. Alguem tem o video completo de Estados Unidos x Austrália em 2008?

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