USA 🇺🇸 vs Japan 🇯🇵 | Women's Basketball Gold Medal Match | Tokyo Replays -

USA 🇺🇸 vs Japan 🇯🇵 | Women’s Basketball Gold Medal Match | Tokyo Replays

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The United States kept its dream dynasty alive at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with the women’s basketball team once again capturing gold in commanding fashion, winning 90-75 over Japan. For the American women, they have not lost a women’s basketball game at the Olympics since a Semi-Finals defeat to the Unified Team at Barcelona 1992. The Americans leave Japan with their consecutive win streak now at 55 games strong and counting. Enjoy watching the FULL replay of the gold medal match!

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Summer Games took place in Japan, from July 23, 2021 to August 8, 2021.


  1. This is like watching another sport….

  2. sad no philippine team.. japan make it to the finals against team USA.. lalo na PBA na pera pera na lng kasi.. franchise to franchise lng labanan.. bulok kasi sistema.. kaya wla ni isa nakapasok sa Olympics..

  3. Base on my observation. From USA
    Basketball Black American better than White American
    Volleyball White American better than Black American..✌️✌️✌️✌️

  4. 日本はよく頑張ったけど結局バスケットはディフェンス

  5. 1:26:39 was the best play for Machida in this game. They said, "That's the Machida we know"

  6. Wasit yang bertugas siapa…
    Tolong jawab buat tugas..

  7. めっちゃ町田言うじゃん

  8. Wow ,japanis absolutely fighters.great team.and happy to see motohashi…😂

  9. こんなに良いプレーが見れるなんて感激しております😚

  10. ジャブジャブ says:


  11. 0 NAGAOKA Moeko

    8 TAKADA Maki

    12 MIYOSHI Naho

    13 MACHIDA Rui

    15 MOTOHASHI Nako

    20 TODO Nanako

    27 HAYASHI Saki

    30 MAWULI Evelyn

    32 MIYAZAKI Saori

    52 MIYAZAWA Yuki

    88 AKAHO Himawari

    99 OKOYE Monica

  12. 🇯🇵Historic!! Final match for Japan 🥈🥈

  13. #15 of Japan, scoring several 3 points at the end of 1Q, is NOT Miyoshi, is Motohashi

  14. In the end, offence wins games. Defence wins gold medals. Ask the players from UConn why.

  15. 黑人还是厉害、

  16. Wow, Japan national team is si impressive 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  17. Was curious the tallest Center player from Japan which play the olympic qualified game not playing in this game

  18. LOVING my WNBA girls and i really hope Sue Bird gives us another season and not really retires.
    Well done, CONGRATULATIONS JAPAN .. so sad for you this OLYMPIC games had not much more people in the stadiums and courts but you did a GREAT JOB !!! ♥

  19. 日本ーフランス戦、日本ーベルギー戦も是非見たい。宜しく

  20. Well for me if your are fan of WNBA some American are not tall but there skill is amazing and you are watching playoff they are the beast inside the court

  21. This was not a fair game at all. The Japanese women are way too short to get any kind of rebounds. And really the Japanese women should have been winning this game, but everybody on their team is way too short.

  22. USA deserved this more than anyone else

  23. るるぺり 趣味 says:


    4:40 国家斉唱(日本)

    9:29 1Q開始
    11:30 日本初得点、高田のシュート
    12:10 町田のレイアップ
    12:55 ひまわりブロックされる、アメリカの速攻
    17:08 日本前半1回目のタイムアウト
    17:58 ひまわりのスクリーン、町田から宮沢へのパス、宮沢の3P
    19:14 町田から高田へのパス、高田の3P
    20:49 高田のカッティング、本橋の3P
    22:28 長岡と本橋がマークをスイッチ、長岡のポストプレー
    23:03 長岡のスクリーン、本橋の3P

    26:19 2Q開始
    27:03 東藤のターン・アラウンド・シュート
    27:32 長岡と本橋がマークをスイッチ、長岡のポストプレー
    28:53 東藤のスクリーン、本橋の3P
    31:00 宮沢&モニカのスクリーン、林のレイアップ
    31:25 本橋とモニカのピック&ロール
    32:44 林のドライブ
    33:30 林のスクリーン、本橋の3P
    33:57 本橋のドライブ
    35:15 三好の3P
    39:50 町田と高田のピック&ロール

    57:11 3Q開始
    57:21 宮沢のパスカット
    57:58 町田のドライブ
    58:30 町田と高田がマークをスイッチ、高田のポストプレー
    1:00:45 町田から高田へのパス
    1:06:16 町田のリバースレイアップ
    1:07:26 高田のターン・アラウンド・シュート
    1:10:13 エブリンの3P
    1:12:17 本橋のプル・アップ・ジャンパー
    1:13:10 本橋のオフェンス・リバウンド
    1:14:46 3Q終了後の日本ベンチ

    1:16:42 4Q開始
    1:23:00 日本タイムアウト
    1:25:46 三好のプル・アップ・ジャンパー
    1:26:08 町田のドライブ
    1:26:37 町田からエブリンへのパス

  24. Can you replay the full game of Japan vs Belgium as well?🙏🙏🙏🙏

  25. This is genuinely so entertaining, shame we can’t have stuff like this on all the time

  26. Its not fair, USA has huge height advantage than Japan 🙁

  27. マッチーダ じゃないよ マチダ。笑😄 全選手の皆さん感動をありがとう


  29. @Olympics Thank you for posting this, I was able to watch live over the summer and I can come back to this video to relive the broadcast. Will you be posting the Bronze medal match between France and Serbia?

  30. The Team US’s center player is untouchable!

  31. 1:17:38 looks like a backing violation againts usa..
    overall, stewart is so handsome though😁✌

  32. 最後にプロとアマの差が出たけど良く頑張った

  33. Please upload the other countries game 😭😭😭

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