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Urey at Triton – 8th Grade Girls Basketball 🏀2-11-2020

Triton Trojans
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Visitors: Urey “Black” Home: Triton “White”
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🔵 Triton 8th Grade Lady Trojans (Class of 2024)
#5 Danica Kuntz
#10 Liberty Cox
#15 Jenna Bules
#22 Jocelynn Faulkner
#30 Lena Doll
#34 Addyson Viers
#52 Allison Barber
coached by Lindsey Shively

⚫️ Urey 8th Grade Lady Falcons
#1 Hannah Banks
#2 Tara Woods
#3 Eliana Lang
#4 Sophia Romer
#5 Kaylee Hensle
#10 Rylee Nusbaum
#20 Rylee Johnson
#30 Helen Guseilla
#32 Keelyn Bradley
#33 Katelyn Vermilyer
#34 Natalie Wilton 34
#40 Erika Harding
#43 Ashley Cruz
#50 Ava Leslie
coached by Kala Matthys

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🎤 Color Commentary: Gavin Greer
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  1. Me being in 8th grade still sitting on my bed like :

  2. Idk why but I would love to play against these girls, even tho I’m a boy it would be fun, mostly because I’m used to playing against 6’2 guards

  3. I want to be a female basketballer but I am trying to find some basketball clubs for girls in Birmingham but it’s so hard to find it. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. The girls are so basic no crossovers




  6. Peep how the reff wiped the bottom of his shoes-

  7. i feel like they weren’t trying to score, they were more worried abt passing and doing the plays and stuff but when they had an open lane or shot they wouldn’t take it

  8. bro i’m screaming at my phone “DRIBBLE THE BALL BRO”

  9. This is so frustrating to watch LIKE IF UR ON DEFENSE STAY ON UR MARK DONT GO SWITCHING

  10. I’m not trying to be rude but my middle school friends played at least 3x better than this

  11. I have a game on Thursday and only one day of practice

  12. this was hard to watch then i remember that it play like this

  13. Do they even know how to play? like legit they arent gauding the other team, only yhe person who has the ball?

  14. why are they my peers and study at an American school, but they play so flawed

  15. I had a game yesterday and took an elbow to the face:( my nose was bleeding

  16. I have my first baseketball game january the 8 its satuaday😳⏰😜🌅🎈🎉

  17. I just started playing basketball and i really like the sport and wanna get into it more but everyone else intrested has been training for longer and are older than me plus they're not very welcoming

    Does someone have any tips?? Idk

  18. number 22, 34, on the white team are rlly good and number 3 on the black team is rllly good as well

  19. My first game in January 27 th and I’m really nervous but exited

  20. I'm sorry but being a basketball player ( kinda ) , these people don't know how to even handle a ball. They are doing basic violations like double dribble and traveling . Doesn't look like they know how to even play

  21. ᴛᴀsɴɪᴍ ᴋɪᴍ ❤︎ 태형 says:

    my first basketball match is coming after some days. And i'm waching this cuz i wanna know how to play well..actually i'm maker so
    it's hard for me…

  22. OMG I LOVE IT. In few week i have my first game im so nervous !!!!

  23. I have my first basketball game mangalwar ko my match

  24. One weakness is that they only dribble with their right hand 🤷‍♀️

  25. V nyc sprot is my favourite ,

  26. I was going to play my first ever basketball game soon and I thought I would be the worst… So I was watching to see how good my age girls play… And I am not sacred anymore 😀

  27. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjjjnfncncnhhhhjj .73y ago says:

    R u telling me tis gals r 8 grades …..wow they look like college student's

  28. Man basketball is really interesting when u understand it and it,s not for everyone

  29. I have the first basketball game after tommorow and I am really so nervous

  30. 17:45 I tried it and then realised the ball got stolen in the process🙂🔪

  31. Yo, am also good in dribbling like these girls but cant do shooting💔 am in 9th and am a boy 👦

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