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Urey at Triton – 7th Grade Girls Basketball 🏀 2-11-2020

Triton Trojans
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🔵 Triton 7th Grade Lady Trojans (Class of 2025)
#11 Kate Howell
#12 Maddison Miller
#21 Rory Heckaman
#24 Allie Westafer
#30 Kenadee Howard
#41 Mya Davis
#42 Madison Mast
#45 Bayle Gray
#50 Lyndsey Richman
#51 Sam Middaugh
#52 Nadia Stetler
coached by Becca Kennedy and Chad Kennedy

⚫️ Urey 7th Grade Lady Falcons
#11 Addison Reese
#12 Danielle Divine
#21 Michaela Hurford
#22 Kelsey Yelaska
#23 Anna Shoue
#25 Cierra Nowak
#32 Amber Brems
#33 Daelynn Nance
#34 Alivia Turnage
#42 Makinzie Kline
coached by Kyler Columbia

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  1. White team really needs to stop getting so close to the basket because there are other kids that are way taller than them and they'll be able to get the ball easily that way. It's hard to make a basket from that angle anyway.

  2. They did pretty good for 7th grade. They had such good supportmanship towards eachother it was beautiful

  3. I just tried out for my school team but sadly I didn't make it. However, I did make the practice squad so I get to go to all the team practices. I hope the practices will help me make the team next year. Anyways thank you for recording these games they're very fun to watch!

  4. I start my first basketball game August 😊 iv been practicing for 6 no 7 years!!!

  5. Thank you TTSN for all of your work and dediction. The schedule is at a very fast pace. I can imagine it's very hard to edit the games while trying to film the new games.

  6. From what I see on twitter. JH girls had a game against Breman on the 10th of February and this game against Urey is from 2/11/2020 ( Tuesday) that's what I see on Twitter. The title says 2-10-2020. The action is so jammed packed that I might be reading twitter wrong if that's the case my apologies.

  7. They need to work harder because there form is so off and they don’t try to pull 3s

  8. watching this gives me butterflies because my basketball tryouts are on monday and im reallt scared!

  9. I got a. Gameeeee today !!! Hopefully we win ! And hopefully I do good !!

  10. my first game is saturday and i’m nervous

  11. Since basketball season is coming up, let me be supportive. I'm a 7th grade shooting guard for my middle school's boys team, and even though they played good for 7th grade girls, you can see that girls basketball is wayy worse coached than boys. They need to work on form, range, and rebounding this upcoming season. I believe they can be coached good, but no one decides to even try. So they play like this and let the offense get multiple rebound. Multiple. The defense needs to get rebounds. Every school needs better coaching for girls' basketball.

  12. I have a game coming up on Friday and watching this makes me nervous for it. These girls are pretty good at what they do and thank you for recording and posting this. Helps me kinda see how games are supposed to be played out

  13. The white team really need to work on there spacing

  14. I do not see mine I checked your videos I did not see my game cause I had a game on Saturday

  15. I will start playing basketball at Thursday and I am worry 😟

  16. Keep it up girls in the white cuz I love how y'all Michelle the best

  17. i was coaching through my phone and got mad when they didn’t listen 😭

  18. Guys, im very late but do realize these girls WERE 7th graders. They tried, and they had fun. Practice makes perfect!!

  19. 24 needs to use her right hand and not get stuck in the left corner every single time

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