UNC Basketball vs. Johnson C. Smith Exhibition Game Preview | UNC vs. Pitt football primer - bestfungamesll.com

UNC Basketball vs. Johnson C. Smith Exhibition Game Preview | UNC vs. Pitt football primer

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It’s gameday for the North Carolina men’s basketball team. For the first time since we saw Armando Bacot, RJ Davis, Caleb Love, and Leaky Black walk off the court in the National Championship game, we will see the Tar Heels publicly play another opponent. It will come in the form of UNC’s lone exhibition game, as Coach Davis’ team welcomes Johnson C. Smith to the Smith Center at 7:30 on Friday evening.

How will Hubert Davis’ second team perform with a target on their backs? What will Northwestern transfer Pete Nance add to the mix of the starters? How will the other newcomers find a role on a veteran team?

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  1. What are you watching for in Carolina's exhibition game?

  2. I'm watching for who comes off the bench and makes an impact!

  3. This is scary stuff that I can’t even talk about but this is a tall task as Wake Forest is more likely but if even though Wake Forest lost to Clemson, they could still possibly clinch a CFP but if Carolina wins it’s guaranteed that to Wake Forest that is that they will be in the orange bowl now if we go undefeated there is a chance if we were to beat Clemson in Charlotte assuming Clemson goes to the ACC title game in Charlotte If we could beat Clemson, and wake forest then there is a chance we could go to the college football playoff no joke we would be ranked higher than Wake we would certainly would be in the talks for sure I mean Clemson would lose a game to us assuming g they win every other game beating them in the championship in Charlotte, which means wake forest would get the orange bowl, and beating them in Winston-Salem, and beating mighty Clemson would definitely give us a chance to be in the CFP I can’t even talk about it that’s a longshot but would that be not be incredible? 🏈 🐏 🏆 But we can’t, or can we because we lost to Notre Dame? I almost forgot. But does Notre Dame count? The thing about Notre Dame is they are an independent team they are not in a division. But that was early on losing one game gives a team maybe a prayer of a chance maybe you could lose one game two at the absolute most. One game of a loss could be forgiven but I’m not sure about that. Just look at Nick Saban. Bama lost to Tennessee but they are still ranked 7.

  4. Where can I watch the basketball game tonight? We have spectrum but I can’t find ACCNX!

  5. Carolina by 37 basketball football 34.

  6. Where's the "Flounder" sleeveless preview? Did I miss it? 🤣

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