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UConn Huskies vs. Kansas Jayhawks | Full Game Highlights

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Check out these highlights from the No. 5 Kansas Jayhawks’ 69-65 win over the No. 4 UConn Huskies.

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  1. It is good for top teams to play. Nobody really cares that much due to pro football and college football getting set for the playoffs.

  2. Newton is the face of shot clock cheese.

  3. UConn back-to-back national titles they're loaded.

  4. What a great game, I hope they meet again. Kansas still missing bench presence, there is room for growth this year.

  5. The blue blood and new blood. Was a great game

  6. I'm still pissed they went for 3 at the end instead of driving to the basket. YOU ONLY NEEDED 2 POINTS!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Also it's classic UCONN to have missed all those FT's. Lock those kids in the gym after practice until they can make them.

  7. Great game. Weird highlights video. Mostly showing UCONN highlights instead of a more even distribution between teams 🙄

  8. Unhappy with the final result as a Huskies fan. But to play with one of the big boys like Kansas…no shame in the game…JAYHAWKS…WE WILL MEET AGAIN COME FINAL FOUR.

  9. Yeah but we both know UConn will NEVER hit SEVEN 3pointers again in 1 Half…

    UConn like KU isn't best 3point shooting team.

    U take away 3-4 those SEVEN UConn 1stHalf 3pointers?

    KU has a +15pt Halftime lead and most likely wins by +8-11pts.

    *Those SEVEN Huskies 3pointers b4 Halftime?

    LITERALLY SAVED Connecticut fr being dwn 15-17 at Halftime.

    UConn ain't hitting seven 3s again in one Half of play this Season

  10. Connecticut Huskies, fall to (0-4) All-Time H2H vs Kansas Jayhawks.

  11. Imo? These are top2 #1Seeds on Selection Sunday.

    Longtime Kansas fan that TOTALLY NOW Sees why UConn won it all last Season and is ranked tp5 this Season!

    I know my Jayhawks still need December to figure out perfect rotation/mins. KJ & Hunter PERFECT Syncing inside?

    But gotta be honest? UConn looks DANGEROUS

  12. "Allen Field House?"

    There is no substitute……

  13. Btw?

    #1Pur & #3Mar BOTH LOSE on Dec2nd…Saturday.

    BOTH lose on road to UNRANKED Big10 Conf teams.

  14. UConn needs take that 23Chip & this road performance to use as a catalyst for CONSISTENT SUCCESS nxt Decade..

    UConn may have 5 Nattys since 1999? But..UConn has missed 20 NCAA Tournaments since 1980.
    (6 of those 20 missed NCAA Tournaments for UConn has been in last decade. 2013-Prsnt!)

    BigEast has been pretty weak last decade too…

    Time for UConn to take nxt step and be a top contender every Season, instead every 7yrs.

    BigXII has literally finished THE #1Conf RPI every yr last decade or more.

  15. UConn is NOT a Blueblood!

    UConn has MISSED 20 NCAA Tournaments since 1980-Prsnt…

    6 of those 20 UConn MISSED NCAA Tournaments?

    Fr 2013-Prsnt!!!

    Idc if UConn had 8 Chips last 25yrs..

    That's not "Blueblood Consistent Success.."

    Maybe UConn in 2034? 10yrs fr now has Consistent success?
    0 MISSED NCAA Tournaments? Maybe couple mo FFs.. Then ok…

    We don't consider UCLA a Blueblood anymore? Or Indiana…

    11 Chips Bruins have/but 0 in almost 30yrs!
    Plus all inconsistent Seasons by UCLA since 1990-Prsnt?

    Indiana Hoosiers?

    Literally just ONE Elite8 Appearance in past 30yrs!

  16. Hunter needs TRY be as effective as possible on Defensive end…

    But his production? Can't ask for much more.

    KJ has more raw talent imo

  17. I mean? Lol…no offense but those 3s for UConn in 1stHalf?

    Literally saved them fr getting boat-raced.

    I doubt UConn hits FIVE 3pointers b4 Halftime this Season again.
    Let alone SEVEN!

    Hey, my Jayhawks aren't good at 3s either.

    KU & UConn are tp2 #1Seeds Selection Sunday, March 2024

  18. 2:50..

    KU 30 UConn 19?

    That loooooong 3pointer by UConn was SO HUGE

  19. Idc…

    "Harris pass to KJ Adams in paint/going towards hoop?"

    Cleanest in Country……

  20. I honestly think Fr. Furphy is #1 off bench

  21. Ooooh! 5:295:34?

    Newton's pass to Johnson?

    On POINT.!
    👌 👏 😍 👍

    THIS was maybe best Early Season Matchup in last 20yrs in College Basketball history.

  22. KJ handles/makes that alley-oop fr Harris at games 3:30 mark, 2ndHalf?

    KU wins by +9..

    *Jayhawks were up 7pts at that point.

  23. McCullar's corner 3, with 1min remaining was his best jumpshot in his Basketball career.

  24. But….?

    Freshman Elmarko Jackson with the Defensive "Play of Game" under 1min to play.

    Slapping ball off UConn's guard, who was for sure bout cut deficit back 1pt for UConn if he made bucket.

    Instead, Refs review/Jayhawks ball.

  25. Jackson needs stay least 3yrs under Self.

    His Poise as a Freshman?

    Reminds me of Pierce.

    (Not saying Jackson reminds me of Pierce, just his poise.
    Hopefully that calmness will turn over into SCORING for Elmarko dwn road…)

  26. Newton IS the best scorer in the Nation.

    That kid is FOOOO REAL.

    NBA Lottery

  27. What a game! UConn fam here I’m not upset about this loss that game made me proud! Both teams fought till the end! Brilliant performance by both sides!

  28. I don't know what UCONN was thinking on that last possession.🤦

  29. As a UConn fan, it was a tough loss to watch, but it was a great night for college hoops. Respect to Kansas and KJ, who lost a parent. Non-conference games between blue-bloods on campus are fantastic for the sport and need to be more of a fixture in the sport. I loved that Ted Lasso sitting with Sue Bird. This game may go down as one of the greatest early season games ever.

  30. Y’all gotta do better wit the highlights

  31. Kansas played lights out tonight and UCONN (outside of Newton) played atrocious, and UCONN still only lost by 4. If I were Kansas I would not want to see this UCONN team in the tournament. A neutral site and fully healthy UCONN team (Looking at you Stehpon Castle) could be real ugly for Kansas…. Very happy for KJ Adams though, Kid played lights out and hit the final 2 free throws to end the game, showed insane heart!

  32. U Conn goes for ally opp ..misses and turns the ball over. Rinse and repeat.

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