Triton at Caston - 6th Grade Girls Basketball 🏀 2-3-2020 [4K@60] -

Triton at Caston – 6th Grade Girls Basketball 🏀 2-3-2020 [4K@60]

Triton Trojans
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🔵 Triton 6th Grade Lady Trojans (Class of 2026)
#4 Mylie Groves
#11 Amaya Fink
#13 Gwendolyn Neff
#24 Macy Carson
#25 Rilee Bemish
#30 Addison Albright
#31 Sonya Floyd
#32 Sierra Hawley
#34 Avery Viers
#40 Clara Doll
#42 MiRandah Belongia
#43 Makenna Belin
#52 Emma Tobolski
#53 Hannah Belongia
managed by Sadie Cline
coached by Joe White and assisted by Lisa Bemish

🔴 Caston 6th Grade Lady Comets
#15 Kylie Reidenbach
#20 Kylee Logan
#21 Jordan Parks
#24 Jaded Aguilar-Rios
#25 Brianna Rangel
#30 Camila Hernandez-Rios
#34 Tessa Baldwin
#40 Autumn Miller
#41 Isabelle Flores-Barcos
coached by Tiffany Douglass

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  1. Oh gosh the dribbling, shooting, and layups need to get worked on. Good game tho for 6th graders ig

  2. i watched your volleyball games when i was playing volleyball now i play girls volleyball and these vids have helped me alot and theyre interesting

  3. the b team has great potential they just need to work on layups

  4. I think one thing these players needs to work on is keeping their heads up, looking for their teammates to be open or make a move to try to get closer to the hoop and make a shot. But overall the game as enjoyable.❤

  5. Im watching this to motivate me infront of toxic kids and it is go lady trojans 🙂

  6. Not to judge but in my opinion they have to work on not losing the ball so much

  7. good work lady’s just need to work on keeping y’all heads up and playing with a little more passion

  8. If #4 on the blue team could make her shots she would be soo good

  9. Number 4 is good just needs to make her shots

  10. Nah… u shouldn't cross the white line .. if u did u have 1 foule.. u all need too improve ur self but its okay keep going

  11. This is my way if preparing for my came tomorrow 😂

  12. they should work on their layups

  13. I got my first game today and I’m watching this video to prepare. Thank you so much!

  14. I have a game soon and am pretty nervous 😅

  15. I have a game next week I'm pretty excited and Im pretty good at it but my team sucks. Got any tips?

  16. Bro they missed all those layups. I could 1v5 the whole team

  17. Uha that’s not funny at all bro that one lady who started laughing and also I play basketball and it’s not that funny

  18. I play basketball and 2 second game right now I'll tell you so at weedy really really really love love basketball so much

  19. I just started basketball and have a game this weekend! I’m nervous!

  20. Travis Barnhart, Margo Lemler, Orion Lemler: I like the footage. I've got a few questions about the gear.
    1) What sort of video gear do you use?
    2) And what is your workflow. For example, do you first record in RAW and then color correct… or do you just record directly?

  21. What state is this in? Are yall allowed to press?

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