Trash Talkers Were Ready To FIGHT!! CHAOS At The Park! 5v5 Basketball -

Trash Talkers Were Ready To FIGHT!! CHAOS At The Park! 5v5 Basketball

nick briz
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Can’t believe this happened at the park …

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  1. I legit cried when that man layed knocked after nick dunk'd 😂😂😂😂

  2. Love how Nick says "I ain't sipping that dirty ass bottle" … know he ain't no real homie

  3. Lmao get rid of Carlos dumbass, he’s the worsttttttttt, it’s hard to watch and he never has your back when shit hits the fan🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  4. Carlos is the most unintentionally funny person I swear

  5. Bro in the green shirt that’s friends with the dreads head bro they funny asl😭talm bout “wow wow”

  6. I have never seen somebody miss so many wide open dunks

  7. Fr fr nik you need to respect Carlos! Give my man his bread you nut ass young bull. How you make 40 racks off all the videos and give him 1,100, than you hold his social media hostage. Nut!

  8. My guy said they picked players for the savage squad and have carlos on it 😂

  9. nick: “i got your help” proceeds to not help on the very same possession

  10. yo you need to hold your big boi back nick, i seen him act all type of ways tryna instigate shit with people smaller than him😆he's hella cringe and the dudes best come back is "he's little, i could put him in my pocket" like no shit you be wearin bouta a size 340/340 mens pants!

  11. They love talking but ain’t wit nun of da smoke

  12. Carlos played like his 10 day contract was up lol

  13. Carlos was like who put that pole there when he hit the top of the roof lol

  14. Did anyone realize they cheated the other team out of like 4 points. Literally counted 2 pointer as a one and never put the point from the layup. Watch closely and you’ll see

  15. How does Nick call for the ball before Chris even grabs the board

  16. Click bait….”get off him” that was a celebration. Hate that I blessed him with a view. Clown

  17. The first game they didn’t win nick didn’t count one of the points the guy in the blue shorts made which would’ve made them win

  18. Ecuador 💛💙❤Nick te Apoya

  19. Imma check this channel in a month. Youre going down twat

  20. Ever dunk nick uses at the beginning of the video he misses… I ain’t never seen him actually finish a dunk

  21. Anybody else saw they missed a point and didn't put on the screen. 12-11 twice? After 2 buckets after home squad scores…hmmmm

  22. Chauncey really is the LeBron to the Savage Squad's Cleveland Cavaliers

  23. Yo, is this another video where you set up people to fight you?

  24. This is so hard to watch. But yeah I keep watching it

  25. Nick ain't sipping that dirty ass bottle hahaha

  26. anyone know where I can find good YouTube streetball content ?

  27. @nick briz when you gonna go against K showtime

  28. It’s so funny to watch the two haters on the side cry every time homeboy makes a shot lol Thank you for showing their reaction in this video it makes the video very funny

  29. Carlos made nick shut up when he made that 2 pointer


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