Trash Talkers Threw Hands In Hood Of Atlanta.. 5v5 Park Basketball -

Trash Talkers Threw Hands In Hood Of Atlanta.. 5v5 Park Basketball

nick briz
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I can’t believe this happened at the park…

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  1. This is literally Luka playing against the 75% Of the NBA

  2. The Big Guy Pretty chill 😂😂😂😂

  3. So who threw hands? Straight click bait!!!! Bullshit

  4. Honestly good shit……good sportsman ship…cant win em all…1st time i seen yall lose what happened 2 carlos?

  5. Man most them dudes is trash I would run circles around them light work

  6. Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂 you gotta be from Atlanta to understand finesse at its finest this is the prime example of finesse

  7. Es más el tiempo que pierden discutiendo que jugando

  8. This Nigga talking bout you can do that when he dribbled the ball back into his hands …stick to recording camera boy 11:32

  9. Yeah the opp never played park ball calling those fouls yall weak af 😂😂😂

  10. Why play full court, with out any transition b ball?

  11. clickbait ass video and on top of that terrible sportsmanship, this was hard to watch for real, respect to the other team

  12. That’s lit got Quinn cook up there former warrior if that’s not him nigga look like his twin


  14. S.o.s. un contrabando en Villa caraza Lanús Argentina contrabandistas.

  15. I love how this is my first experience watching this channel and all I can notice is how whiny this dude is lmao

  16. This clown nic briz got click bait out the 🍑 and he still can’t ball😭😭😭😭😭this the worst squad on the internet

  17. I thought I was getting basketball content. So much clowning it's impossible to watch. Grown ass man…

  18. He said no 2 pointers y’all cheated 😂

  19. We watch bc we know someone is going to get shot.

  20. And range shorts and carlos are so trash

  21. wasting our time. when no action happen. just talking.

  22. why would you ever play for money with carlos on ur team lmao

  23. Nick has a big man but these Atlanta boys are like 5 point guards.

  24. Why they ain't feed big man. They got him running up and down and don't feed him. Ez buckets. Yall sleep

  25. Nobody fought but Swaggy P hood edition was there

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