Trash Talker Won't Stop Talking S***! 5v5 Basketball At The Park! -

Trash Talker Won’t Stop Talking S***! 5v5 Basketball At The Park!

Tristan Jass
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We pulled up to the park to hoop and this happened…

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  1. Nice game and never the way u are my boy nice person and a nice player…

  2. Yo bro i don’t even play basketball or watch nba 😂 i only watch this guy playing and destroying

  3. “put me in your yt bro” how many times you gon say that😭

  4. When they cant win they Foul hard but think its ok. idiots dont even no Bball rules. useless punks

  5. You totally suck yet you still call him the trashtalker. -REP!

  6. tell the trash talker let the score speak for you

  7. Dude….Y’all Ain’T NO Professor so DON’T EVEN THINK IT!! PHUCK all da Post mates and chit either make a video or STFU or make a commercial Wut Up??

  8. A lot of talking sh*t, fouls(no call respected) a lot of flash & no baskets, & what happened to over & back? Street ball? Hu, where I'm from we don't let snowflakes come in our house & use & abuse us, J after J, inyo face! D UP!!!!!

  9. Anybody who bounces a ball off me is getting slapped in the face while he's driving to the hoop.

  10. I like the calm you have bro

  11. Такой ангелочек 😊😊😊

  12. im confused on why so many people follow this guy when hes not very good

  13. The only thing I hate about postmates it sometimes gets my order wrong

  14. To all who gave thumbs down are just jealous haters 😀 this guy killed your ass

  15. I know nothing about basketball but found this video amusing

  16. You must have heard of Gus Polinski, polka king of the Midwest

  17. Want to play for a million dollars, but can't even find 20 to put up! What a joke

  18. this is traveling by Tristan 6:42
    flooring the ball,picking it up,dribbling a 2nd time.

  19. so…. was the advertised Food really good ? you did not play well in the 1st two games….. only in the last game:-)

  20. I'm just glad nothing turned physical despite the shit talking.

  21. Lad in game one white t-shirt red socks shooting game was on point

  22. The trash talker havent gotten enough food at home and hes out here thinking hes the best and strong thats just making me cringe so much hahaha🤣🤣

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