Trash Talker CLAPS In My Face Then Gets EXPOSED! 5v5 Basketball At The Park! -

Trash Talker CLAPS In My Face Then Gets EXPOSED! 5v5 Basketball At The Park!

Tristan Jass
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Pulled up to a park that was HIGHLY requested and THIS HAPPENED…

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  1. What is this, a court for Brad Williams? Small a$$ court and adults are the only ones playing! Stupid design!

  2. This is one of the best videos camera ever 📸

  3. 12:00 anyone else notice that old guy just chilling watching by himself in the left corner??

  4. A white boy that's good at basketball finally

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  6. not trying to spread negativity but u traveled and back courted every time u got the ball

  7. Digga er ist einfach der beste jooimgs dringe vage für dich in den

  8. i felt really bad for the kid with the tennis ball

  9. Bro in the white shirt on Tristan team that’s tall is a ball hog

  10. The red shirt and the white shirt at the 3rd game got alot of heat there

  11. Too much clownery here and not enough basketball

  12. Somebody tell the tall lanky fella to play D and post up. Nothing else.

  13. Tjass threw little boys tennis ball a mile,, and that sad look on that boys face was priceless…

  14. The universal disease of playground ball. If there are one or two good shooters in a game, then everyone else thinks they can jack it up too.

  15. The crowd goes nuts for those dunks but the guy in the blue Nike shirt made some really high level layups. That whole teams was good.

  16. Him:"i just want to spread positivity"

    Also him: throws lil boys ball off the court

  17. 6:07 look at That kids face when tjass yanks that shit 😂😂😂

  18. As soon as I saw the beginning, I noticed that TJass did a backcourt violation.


  20. Like the way you play 🏀 bro,you give motivation to new generation. Keep it real ,greetings from Belgium

  21. Bro Jass team didn’t pass at all lmao. They ISO’d every play and still whooped they ass lol

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