Trash Talker CLAPS In My Face Then Gets EXPOSED! 5v5 Basketball At The Park! -

Trash Talker CLAPS In My Face Then Gets EXPOSED! 5v5 Basketball At The Park!

Tristan Jass
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Pulled up to a park that was HIGHLY requested and THIS HAPPENED…

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  1. Looked like some crappy play. Constant 1v1 jackin it up from anywhere, just garbage.

  2. you and professer live would be an op duo ngl

  3. Minut bol stop shooting you 7ft stay in the paint you can't shoot

  4. What a weak ass place to play. I thought they were playing half court.

  5. ngl the kids talking in the backround the whole time was kinda annoying

  6. End up with a back court violation just trying to shoot a 3 🤣

  7. yo T you fukin YOWied that ball outta there respect it

  8. bro i hate how ppl always try to take spotlight

  9. I ain’t racist n I even got a white stepdad who I love but, look at all them white kids tha showed up😹😹

    Edit fo when I’m older: seeing all those kids, is a reminder tha when I have a kid ima raise him good so they don’t turn out like these undeveloped pussies🙏🏽 pray fo my unborn lil mo

  10. Am i the only one that saw tristan yeet that tenis ball

  11. Why are these freaking out when the guy dunks, it's clearly a mismatch and one team is insanely better than the other.

  12. "From way out" the kid says. Aint nothin way out on this small ass court other than the tennis ball TJass blasted out of the atmosphere.

  13. 15:20 that ransom person calling out "Jass!" as he drove by had me rolling 💀💀

  14. That by far was the most attentive in tune with the game audience I’ve ever seen, and man did they bring the energy. I think you owe a revisit, and you know maybe you spoil them a little bit no bring some grub for the fans made by far have the best energy man you gotta do another one with them.

  15. Anyone to who's not a believer of The Lord Jesus Christ I think you should turn to Him before you die, or He comes back and al l you need to do is believe with your heart and confess with your mouth and repent of your sins

    John 3:16 for God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son that who so believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life

    I'm not forcing I just love you enough to tell you that. because as I'm writing this, I'm not doing my homework I want you to go to heaven not hell

  16. 6:08 the kid who threw the tennis ball there deserved the yeet

  17. the tall lanky white guy doesn't get anything done on the court. He just runs up and down the court without touching the ball. Must be frustrating.


    Luke 10:19
    Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

  19. am i tripping or were those courts lob sided

  20. they said hasbrook like it was hard or sum, all those niggas look like they from the suburbs lmaoo

  21. This is just like a big party where the people on the sidelines have made themselves part of the show. It seems there are no boundaries, people all over the place. They all act drunk. Maybe they spike the water or sumthin' 😉 Crazy….

  22. I don’t think he knows how to pass the ball

  23. Thank you guys so much for the recent support on the channel! You guys have been going CRAZYYY! Make sure you like the video, comment, and subscribe with post notifications on! Love you all ❤️🙏

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