Transfer portal WINNERS: Torres evaluates Arkansas basketball's GAME-CHANGING PORTAL CLASS! -

Transfer portal WINNERS: Torres evaluates Arkansas basketball’s GAME-CHANGING PORTAL CLASS!

Aaron Torres
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On today’s show, @AaronTorres looks at Arkansas basketball’s historic transfer portal classic. Thoughts on Ricky Council, the Mitchell twins and MORE!!


  1. Love your show!!! As a Razorback Fan there's obviously a lot to be excited about! 1st and foremost is in my opinion the best coach in the nation and I say this not as homer but a realist b/c there's NOT another coach that could have led the past 2 years teams to back to back Elite8's, there's just not.My question (& concern) is that why has D.Ford gotten NO recognition obviously in part b/c of all the new incoming players? What do you see as his role & future within our program?

  2. I agree but Texas Tech will surprise many. Congrats Arkansas and Razorback fans, it's going to be exciting!

  3. Kentucky vs Arkansas gonna be like early to mid 90's

  4. You must love talking about the Razorbacks, you have a few videos that talk about them.

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