Zero Bounce
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  1. On the BLT twitch cross you traveled to krypton

  2. You saved my career, I used to ndver be able to finish under the basket because im small, i used the tween twitch cross on my 6 foot brother(im 5'3) and he had no idea where i was going because it helped me use my speedto finish before he could get close

  3. I need you waterhead nuggas —–
    To listen to "shimmy shimmy ya'.."

    By "ol' dirty bastard!" A '90s rap cut…shyts hilarious, especially when you apply the b-ball moves aspect to how THIS fella!?

    ah leave yo' a** in a fresh fog of DUST ——- doin' THIS shyt HERE mayne!!! 😖😳😲😬😮‍💨🫣


  4. all of these dribles arent efficient on aggressive plaeyers

  5. People go wrong thinking they nice just being able to dribble a ball …. Foot work in any sport is vital

  6. All those are aight but i need to know bout the first one lol

  7. No need for these fancy moves and dribbles. Better practice being a shooter.

  8. Not going to lie I think that I'm just going to simply invent my own dribbling style. I've never had a coach and I know what works for me a lot of the time.

  9. when this season comes around ain’t no defender got a chance

  10. I feel like the second one could get me a carry call tho

  11. Ok number one is. Pot with boiling water number two is a nonstick pan with butter on it 3 a crook pot

  12. 2nd move definitely a travel everything else is clean!

  13. The last one people will try to say you traveled

  14. Wait, what are his shoes ?? They are FIRE 😮

  15. Do that half spin, but reverse once you spin. I bet they get to shiftin

  16. As an ass 14 year old that twitch and the cross jab have been doing me WONDERS

  17. Bro im 6'5 ,and ive been hitting 5feet guards with that cross since hs in 03 .

  18. I can do all of that but my

  19. The last two I agree with but that first one is a easy stick up all the time especially if not done correctly.

  20. how many steps you do after btl twitch😂💀

  21. I focused on the intro part. That move is crazy! 😮

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