Top 100 Plays From The 2020-21 Season! 💯 -

Top 100 Plays From The 2020-21 Season! 💯

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  1. These commentators are getting more entertaining I see lmao.

  2. Sometimes the worst passes result in the best Alley-oop dunks.

  3. 1# is def the play of the year, there should be no argument❗️

  4. I think the block on Ayton should be no1 but still great list…

  5. “Iguodala to Curry, back to Iguodala, up for the layup… Oh, blocked by James!”
    Still one of the greatest blocks in NBA history, even though Giannis had some good ones.

  6. 49 should be top 20 that shot by curry is just crazy

  7. ja morant's athleticism is just a beautiful thing to watch

  8. i love this channel but you guys gotta start posting highlights in more than 720p. this ain't 2012.

  9. It’s almost here Lakers let’s go claim back what’s ours

  10. Why are Dame’s shots to tie the game in that game 5 so low

  11. The wide-eyed earthquake anteriorly alert because roll emotionally print about a redundant judo. filthy, good death

  12. Lebrons clutch deep triple against curry in the play in game has to be higher then 71.

  13. 1. Giannis is the best 2-way superstar on the planet.
    2. Miles Bridges is the best dunker in the league right now.
    3. Luka, Trey, Ja, D-Mitchell and all the new-gen guards are so much fun to watch.

  14. Giannis is the best…everyone shut up the Greek Freak and is the best now with the crown.

  15. Give me the Giannis Block at 1. One of the greatest plays I have ever seen.

  16. The greek freak is the beast and the best superstar in the NBA. Let's go for back to back champion

  17. feels like last szn just ended, too excited for this yr.

  18. Come on #16 was an offensive foul and we all know it 😂 don’t do Pj like that when he had a good play

  19. Giannis block probably the best block of all time.

  20. The future of the NBA is brighter than ever. These young stars are so much fun to watch.

  21. this season Brooklyn better win a championship if they're fully healthy

  22. Once again I make the suggestion for the nba to stop Ranking the plays on their videos. Lebrons Amazing shot 71st. And then ja morant doing a windmill of 2 feet after. I just can’t

  23. The 2021 nba finals is one of the most underrated finals ever

  24. Damn luka push off on pg was a lil crazy but the finish was too tuff only respect

  25. I’m sorry but that Dame Step back 3 to tie in game 5 should’ve been about 75 spots higher on this list. Lol.

  26. Anyone else notice that the #45 spot went to D Mitch lol

  27. Garry Trent Jr buzzer beater was easily an offense of foul

  28. Giannis block on Ayton should be n1. This is now THE BLOCK.

  29. That Giannis stare is the perfect ending.

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