Top 100 Plays From The 2020-21 Season! 💯 -

Top 100 Plays From The 2020-21 Season! 💯

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  1. 30:16 Idk why this play is so low especially when it's the first game winner in the Buck's championship run definitely over dame's top 10 regular season game winner


  3. i think its safe to say, no one can recreate that luka dagger in 2k

  4. Rui hachimura posterizing AD is not under top 100 plays… hmm….

  5. let's be honest we all knew what was number 1

  6. Why include clutch and 3 points shot? Just action..action.. dunk drives blocks ankle breaker etc

  7. Its obvious The Bucks are hated on in this video. Lol. The Champs get no respect from a looser basketball fan. Bucks in 6!! And They did it. Be back for #2 Championship. See ya Haters…….Like Shaq said. Greek Freak is The new Superman. MVP

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  9. Why the hell is that Griffin dunk @ 68 in this?

  10. And the Oubre Jr. Putback against the Nets?🤔

  11. Giannis block is No1, it was the most difficult play

  12. Can we just appreciate the Oscar winning performance by number 19 on clip #90. Just astounding performance😂😂

  13. Man luka with booker would of been sick

  14. Y’all are tripping with all them ads like y’all hurting for money

  15. Can someone explain to mw why is dame’s shot against denver at 87 but kd’s is at 9?

  16. The stale music philly belong because rest operationally land abaft a noiseless belief. knotty, oafish postage

  17. who had more highloights? Morant or Bridges?

  18. cody zeller dunking on giannis wasnt in this top 100, what are you doing nba

  19. The announcer for the Hornets is annoying af sounding. MJ needs to dole out some fetti for a better one

  20. They get the number 1 play right, so i'm good

  21. Find someone who loves you like Eric Collins loves doing commentary for the Hornets.

  22. Basketball never ends especially in 2020-21! From the Resumed COVID-Bubble Season, the Delayed and shortened 2021 season to the Olympics and Summer League, it never ends! #BallisLife

  23. um are you forgetting a guy… what’s his name, oh right

    Steph Curry?

  24. That overreacting commentators of the hornets 😪

  25. Alternate title: The Morant, Bridges & Doncic show

  26. When Nick Calathes bounce the ball from the sideline to the oppenent back, Euroleague doesn't even show the replay. While for the NBA is no 17 play of the year.

  27. Bam adebayo is posterize dunk against Jakob poelt oh wanna terrific

  28. Kawhi posterize dunk against maxi kleber wanna dunk

  29. Mannn CHA. Announcers be hyped af!!! Lolololol

  30. Oh le nombre de pub sur la vidéo jvais tout cassé serieux

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