Top 10 Moments of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game -

Top 10 Moments of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

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Relive the most memorable moments from the history of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game!

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  1. WNBA players playing against amateurs and they still want to be paid more 😂

  2. Usain Bolt travlled all the way back to Jamaica.

  3. I remember Rappaport playing in the MTV all star baseball games in like the 90s.

  4. Ozzy Osbourne: Justin Bieber who is that shit?
    Me: 😂😂😂

  5. are we not gonna talk bout scottie pipen blocking jb im dying

  6. allstar celebrity but some of those celebrity i havent even heard their name once and dont get celebrities that are in nba already my god

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  9. Man Justin Bieber better get outta here 😂😂

  10. Why are wnba players in here? They're not celebrities. Lol.

  11. that kid is better than mj and lebron sheesh

  12. looked for a thank me later comment with timestamps of celebrities but cannot find onr

  13. USane Bolt traveling 🤷‍♀️

  14. Damn T.O. got that 230 lbs up with ease.

  15. Why do they have WNBA players in a celebrity game no one knows who they are

  16. Hope everyone is having a great year so far. Know your are worth it and amazing!!

  17. how is justin timberlake faking left, going right and then getting in kenny smiths face not on here???

  18. Bolt travelled from East to West with that dunk

  19. Bruh usain bolt being there ain’t fair this dude too fast and tall for that

  20. Bro Kevin wasn’t even guarding her and your trying to ruin his reputation. Cmon now, is she a a 2 time MVP???? I think not

  21. it's wild how to this day NBA didn't organized friendly match with the OG's like Magic, MJ, Bird, Pippen, Ewing, etc, in the same way they do all star celebrity game . I'm p sure it would be mad fan both for players and viewers. Kevin Hart's moves at 2:21 are fire tho

  22. 1:09 LMAO Kevin hart looks like a dwarf compared to the other people there

  23. "with ease" yeah a 6' 5 super athlete can dunk what a surprise

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  25. I only watched this because I saw Justin Bieber on the thumbnail.

  26. #7 whoever did that travel thing just stop that wasnt travel

  27. That kid at the end was impressive

  28. Justine Beiber looks like a kid on the court

  29. Justin beiber is so small compared to everyone

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