Top 10 Best Games of the 2021-22 College Basketball Season -

Top 10 Best Games of the 2021-22 College Basketball Season

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These are my rankings of the Top 10 Best Games of the 2021-22 College Basketball Season. Some honorable mentions I had were Alabama vs Houston, Villanova vs Providence, Indiana vs Syracuse, etc.

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  1. What was your favorite game to watch this season?

  2. The Second I saw 👀 The Rival on the Screen, I knew I was in for a treat, then You had to show the first clip 💀💀

  3. Disrespectful leaving out San Francisco vs. Murray State

  4. Listen Ik Duke and North Carolina are one of the greatest rivalries in sports, but cmon, the KU vs tech game was a better game, the UConn vs auburn too. There were some that were better, I guess not sentimentally more valuable but still

  5. Bruh how do you not have the championship at #1???? Literally the biggest comeback in the finals ever

  6. half of these were from one day😂😂

  7. Nova Uconn. MSG. Friday Night. Big. East. Basketball.

  8. Providence vs Xavier is top 5 and not even on here

  9. Even though we came up short in the championship. It was the greatest feeing in the world when my Tar Heels beat Duke

  10. Rutgers beating 1st ranked Purdue, Rutgers vs Notre Dame in the first four matchup, and Wisconsin beating Purdue at home all deserve to be on this list.

  11. Don't know how you could miss the game where the 2nd youngest team in the NCAA beats the champs of the tournament. Dayton vs Kansas dude come on. even ends on a buzzer beater

  12. How is the greatest comeback of all time in the championship not at least #2

  13. Not sure how purdue vs Wisconsin isn’t on here. Buzzer beater to win the big 10. So many clutch shots. Ivey deep 3 to tie it. Close game all the way through and an electric atmosphere. That’s definitely above purdue illinois imo

  14. I'm a big Kansas fan so there were a few that made my list:

    Kansas' huge win over Missouri. The rivalry renewed and always fun to watch the Jayhawks beat up on the tigers.
    Kansas' big win over Baylor. The most complete game Kansas played all year. I was shocked at how quickly they took over that game against a good Baylor team.
    Kansas' comeback against Kansas State in Manhattan.
    Kansas over Texas Tech both in Kansas (which made the video) and in the Big 12 tournament championship. That tournament win I think really gave the Jayhawks confidence heading into March Madness.
    Kansas over Villanova in the Final Four. Nova and Jay Wright have had Bill Self's and the Jayhawks' number in the big dance the last two times they played each other, so nice to get some revenge. I always liked Jay Wright though. A great and classy coach.
    Kansas winning the championship against UNC.

  15. Where is notre dame and Rutgers what a crime

  16. How bout Indiana v Syracuse. 112-100, double OT.

  17. Providence vs Xavier 3OT game not being included here invalidates the list. Tell me you don’t watch the Big East without telling me you don’t watch the Big East.

  18. Chattanooga vs furman?? Had the best one of the best finishes this year

  19. Everyone always talks about the fact that Saint Peter’s upset Kentucky, but people never talk about how good that game actually was

  20. I remember how stressful puffs shot at 15:33 my family were screaming not to take but he makes it.

  21. UNC was the most fun and up and down team all year. They played great all tournament then shit the bed against Kansas. Both teams played sloppy in that game but still had a good ending.

  22. I'm so happy my Kansas Jayhawks won the National Championship in college basketball too.

  23. Damn , forgot how stacked Purdue were last year. Thought they were going to win it all. Ivey, Hunter , Stefanovic, Williams, Edey . Wow

  24. No Arkansas beating Gonzaga I can't believe it
    The only team I know of to knock out the number one during the regular season and the number one in the NCAA tournament

  25. That KU Tech game was the best game ive ever been to 100% loved seeing the Hawks get that dub and the Championship last year

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