Toledo vs Michigan Basketball Game Highlights, 2023 NIT First Round -

Toledo vs Michigan Basketball Game Highlights, 2023 NIT First Round

Matthew Loves Ball
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Toledo vs Michigan Basketball Game Highlights, 2023 NIT First Round
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  1. If michigan skipped nit,hunter kobe would stay at michigan team.

  2. We need coach Beilein back! He had Mich Bball program at full throttle… consistently! Howard let this team go down hill in only his 3rd year!🙄🤦🏻

  3. Juwan got enough money to survive , FIRE him got no business in high level coaching go to high School ,big men coaching at some big Academy for big prospects the level of coaching at big10 light years beyond him, initially I too thoughtv5star recruits would come with pro level big men at Much. He a novice not really knowledge able a lot of former Alum, previous asst coaches can do better than him

  4. This begs the from Carey Cubs announcer Holy Toledo

  5. Need your insight on the march madness round of 64 matchups. Your research helped my bracket so much last year, release the analysis!!!

  6. Let's make some lemonade! Go Blue! 〽️ 🍋〽️🍋〽️🍋

  7. What the heck? RU lost and Michigan won but Toledo gave them a difficult time! What's going on?

  8. Where is NC ? They should join Michigan would be fun

  9. This showed what Michigan lacked this year: consistent Defense and Rebounding.

  10. Winning the NIT is like being top of your special education class

  11. Howard and Michigan are the underachievers of the year…

  12. Man Michigan is a good team. They beat a MAC school, good job Michigan. Juwan Howard is a freaking joke to this program. Juwan is a shame


  14. all those Michigan turnovers. My opinion, turnovers were cost them many games that were close. Incredible this team never solved that major issue. Vandy will most likely put an end to Michigan's season. Toledo had four turnovers while Michigan had 14. Double digit turnovers down the stretch for Michigan. At least the last half dozen games. Just baffled why that was not corrected.

  15. Can't wait to see UofD Jesuit incoming freshman Sonny Willson @toledo next season #GoRockets

  16. Thanks Matthew! Not the end of season tourney we were hoping for, but we'll take it! Go Blue!

  17. Old guy here, 73 años. B.S. Math '74 Purdue University… just wanted to drop in, Matt and say, '¡Holy Toledo!' Yeah, perhaps the mind is starting to go. Gracias por tus videos. RT sends, Colonia Centro HIstórico, Puebla, México…

  18. This Michigan defense is definitely the main reason why they had a bad season fr. Feel like Toledo should’ve won this game in my opinion.

  19. If Toledo played any defense at all, they probably would’ve been in the Dance this season. But, they’re not a bad team—at all. As far as Michigan is concerned, I think their NIT comes to an end vs Vandy. Vandy is a very solid squad and I don’t think that Michigan matches up well against them. But hey, we’ll see.

  20. When Jett doesn't play I see a better flow w the offense n defense… not saying he hasn't been a asset I jus feel he needs to find his role for the team…he's not our first or second option at all… maybe the 3rd but hope this time he off the court he realizes what he needs to bring to make the team more complete

  21. Toledo lost the MAC champ game to Kent State prior to this, so their last two games had stands full of folks glad in blues and golds. At least the pics will look good in the Media Guide next year …

  22. UM should be able to beat Vandy, but they will probably go ice cold and lose the game badly.

  23. Mathew, you are the best. I always look for you first.
    The March Madness highlights are a pale shaddow in comparison. It's a pity you can't be hired as a subcontractor to them for the MCAA tournament.
    — From a subscriber.

  24. Bummer. Was really hoping little sister would lose. Hopefully they do the next game.

  25. These kids need a coach that teaches defense and blocking out. They look so undisciplined.

  26. I was there unfortunately I’m on the side that the camera is meaning I can’t find myself

  27. Joey baker should be starting 5 not will tschetter or Terrence Williams

  28. Why is it that the team with the worse record between the two gets the home game? That makes no sense to me.

  29. God. We could play f*ing Slippery Rock and Juwan's trash coaching would have the game go to the wire lol

  30. Why Michigan's in the N.I.T is on full display. Absolutely no interest in playing any defense, Been like this from game 1. Too bad because if they did they could have won 5 or 6 more games easily.

  31. Where were the foul not called on michigan

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