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Times Referees RUINED The NBA

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Game ruining missed-calls, career ending ejections, fighting players.. These are times referees RUINED the NBA…

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  1. “No get away from me steve” always sounds like the little brother refusing to accept he broke big bro’s favorite toy 💀💀


  3. artificial intelligence needs to take over reffing

  4. Watching lebron throw his little hissy fit is comical.

  5. Why do these vids make me wanna be a ref so I can get things right? 😂

  6. 13:48 that ain’t a travel tf you talking about. That’s just a shutter step

  7. So, what is the Commissioner doing about the terrible Ref calls?

  8. Jordan at 13:45 aint a travel. You can take as many steps as you want while dribbling.

  9. Blind-ass dudes out here defending MJ tho 😀 it is 100% a push off.

  10. If i was there in lakers vs celtics game that ref aint seeing tommorow💀

  11. You are making me feel furious in a goofy way 🤦

  12. Nah in the Lakers VS Celtics the refs really did Patrick Beverley like 🖕🫱 as a tech

  13. giannis wasnt out of bounds his whole foot has to be out of bounds

  14. i mean NBA has always had problems with their refs. NBA just ignores it all the time as long as they are making revenue still. The problem I've noticed is simply refs in NBA have huge ego and if players attempt to prove that refs made a mistake, it's a technical foul

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