this was the last college basketball video game ever made.. -

this was the last college basketball video game ever made..

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Playing the last good NCAA basketball video game College Hoops 2K8 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

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  1. Smidge was literally just in a makeawish foundation basketball game

  2. They have then a players that were for that year in that game. Derrick rose, Chalmers, Michael beasly Steph curry Harden, Blake Griffin and a few more

  3. Yes it is playin right now.
    I am editing the roster for the 1981-82 with real players.

    Worthy, Floyd, Jordan,Ewing,Barkley…. cant wait to play.
    But it takes so long

  4. I lost you at the,”Is that kd” and u failed to loop me back in with the lonzo shit, he ain’t even the best Ball in the association scrub

  5. "Every sport matters" golf doesn't matter tho

  6. Lol that quick pause when he realized where’s kobe. RIP KOBE AND GIGI AND ALL OF THE LOVED ONES THAT WERE LOST TOO

  7. I paid $1.00 for this game back in the day. Loved playing it.

  8. Game is the goat…and heres why…. #1 you can play the AAU circuit #2 chant creator #3 all the shoe sponsors are correct #4 you can play all the preseason tourneys #5 gameplay is flawless….this game was waaaaaay before its time…GOAT!!! Stephen Curry was a beast on this game!!!!

  9. I got college hoops 2k7 for Xbox 360. 🔥classic 💎

  10. Had the demo for this game on the 360, using Ohio state was goated

  11. pontiac is ncaa march madness…sponsorship purposes.pontiac

  12. hopefully college football and basketball games will return because of NIL. Hopefully 2k and EA won't try to pull their usual garbage. It's vastly more likely that cancer will be cured tomorrow than than ea and 2k not being ea and 2k though.

  13. Me and my friends are getting back into collecting old games and my LORD i found a copy in my entertainment center after I looked up rare games. Its a great find.

  14. How were you able to get these rosters since the servers are down I tried just the other day. Did you use a flash drive of any sort?

  15. It wasn't tho…. What about the one with Blake Griffin 🤣🤣🤣

  16. The last CB game by 2k sports. EA NCAA 10 was the very last.

  17. Play w the Villanova Wild Cats – and the song for Wil E Cat is the dopest – also that year Villanova had a decent squad

  18. Pls you Can help me i dont know how to make free throw with Xbox pad ?? On rcps3 college hoops 2k8 please

  19. Нико Димитрий Полетаев says:

    Hope they recreate this on ps4. It was a legend

  20. The preseason show, the weekly highlights, the March madness selection show Sunday….what about to the that effort

  21. He’s wrong there are real players in the game they just don’t have their names. #2 on UCLA is Darren Collison #42 is Kevin Love and #0 is Russel Westbrook

  22. When he said he looks like a duck I spit my drink at work lmao

  23. Came here to say that this is not the last college basketball video game ever made, that distinction goes to NCAA basketball 10 from EA
    Edit: I wrote this before I watched the video, the title is still wrong though

  24. I really appreciate the (water) “drop” sound when smidget hit the J lol

  25. How do we make money if we have to pay our slaves…. I mean stoodent athletes.

  26. Ncaa 10 was the last college basketball game period, but 2k8 is the last one made by 2k

  27. This dude got a adult swim cartoon voice 😂

  28. I would love another college football and basketball game

  29. Bruh I have it on Xbox 360 so damn fun bro

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