This is the greatest video ever. (via Harlem Globetrotters) -

This is the greatest video ever. (via Harlem Globetrotters)

Omar Raja – ESPN
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  1. ❤❤❤gracias Diosito por dar felicidad a los que dan la vida por su pueblo ❤❤❤

  2. Dog gone it why did this…who cut these onions up and left em by my desk at work? Got my eyes all watery!

  3. Had me in tears, little girl is super smart

  4. Momy going to kill another kids in world
    for nato eu and americans nazzy momstrums

  5. ييتمون اطفال المسلمين ويرجعون الى اطفالهم كأن شيء لم يكن حقاً منافقين

  6. He's walking away in disbelief, meanwhile she's turning back saying "get… back… there,… man!"

  7. he's walking away and all the girl wants to do is get back to her mom… haha nice

  8. The little girl tryna reach her mum! So cute 😭✨

  9. Tha k you for your service beautiful surprise

  10. He walking away because his slam piece is in the crowd

  11. Brings tears to my eyes. God bless this family

  12. I love how she gently embraced her , it shows how much she cherishes her precious child

  13. Despues de acri…billan niños en alguna parte del mundo…😅

  14. 爸爸你往妈妈那里走啊 放我下去啊😂😂😂

  15. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Она как будто с войны Вернулась.Только с какой,интересно?

  17. Опять мне показали это видео и я своё мнение не поменял. Армия не для закрытия своих денежных вопросов, а для защиты своей родины. Если родина преследует интересы капиталистического класса, а я не в этом классе, то нахер. Но когда тебя вынуждают законами, кредитами или просто потому-что больше негде работать., то это ужас для народа.
    Хотя сам момент трогательный.

  18. What was the reason for bringing your mother into the army? A? Capitalism, the need to pay endless bills and a lack of jobs because workers are cheaper in Asia. Mothers should be with their children, not jumping around with a machine gun.

  19. Bu Amerikan Ordu mensuplarının sivillerin kamuflaj ile dolaşmaları zorunluluk mu acaba

  20. why is dad running away? he is scared of his wife? XD

  21. Мужики играют ,а женщины служат

  22. Never join the Army and you'll never to surprise your beloved Ones, simple as that!

  23. Nerede görev yapıyor acaba Irak'ta mı yaşattığını yaşamadan ölmezsin inşallah ağlattığın çocukları ne yapacağız

  24. I still stand behind my origional comment. Why tf should we shed a tear because you DECIDED to desert your babay to play stupid games for stupid prizes?

  25. Пипец,вот страна ,жену из армии встречает муж!!!

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