This Basketball Super Fan Hasn’t Missed a Game in 20 Years -

This Basketball Super Fan Hasn’t Missed a Game in 20 Years

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The Toronto Raptors have only been around for about 20 years, but Nav Bhatia has never missed a game. This super fan left his native India to resettle in Toronto, and when the NBA came to the frozen north, Bhatia bought his first two tickets. That was all it took to hook him. Now Bhatia sits courtside and hangs with the team and Canadian royalty (ahem, Drake). He also represents the changing face of basketball fans, both in Canada and around the world.


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  1. This is true anti racism, all matters, not just black lives

  2. Now he owns a car dealership so happy to see him progress 😀

  3. lol there's hundreds of fans like that for every football club

  4. He:I have never missed a game
    Corona:How about missing a whole season?

  5. He made a hundred million dollars just by being a Raptors fan

  6. "I know Drake very well" no sir Drake knows you very well .

  7. Yup, as a Raps fan this dude is the goat

  8. That’s the Guy who had the shield with im Indian and even I don’t like curry LMAO

  9. I met Nav a few years back at a basketball game in Ottawa. He had courtside seats with a couple of his friends but they had to leave early. Not wanting two courtside seats to go to waste, he decided to look for someone to fill the empty space. At halftime Nav walked up to my little brother and, he asked if we wanted to sit with him. I had no idea who he was and I was a little bit hesitant but my Dad said it was ok. At no point during the game did he mention that he was the Raptors super fan, he spent his time cheering and chatting with my brother and I. He is such a kind guy and this video only shows the tip of the iceberg.

  10. I saw this guy during the Raptors chamionship parade in Toronto. My man was on the roof of a parade bus with Kawhi Leonard.

  11. Some say he stood outside the stadium during lock down.

  12. "This guy has never missed a game"

    Corona: hold my bat soup

  13. Screw paying off this months rent! I’m a super fan let’s go to the basketball game

  14. I bet he miss the game now during this pandemic

  15. Seen him on tv and when I went in for the championship season and saw him. Goat

  16. Bet these guys don’t know the legendary sikh super fans in man united

  17. Why is this news? He's fucking rich af. Now if someone with no money had done this. Now that interesting. This fucker can do whatever he wants. Just like how they made that commencial about those old guys that get to go to the Superbowl every year. Wow what an accomplishment. No.

  18. He reminds me of anor bhaiya who I regularly see in Manchester United matches on the telly.

  19. He lucky kobe's 81 point game wasn't on toronto

  20. I guess he’s missed two years going on three lmao 😂 22 year streak broken

  21. Man hasn't missed a game for 20 years

    Coronavirus: Allow me to introduce myself

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