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  1. What a baller…hypin kids too early can hurt…or it can get u drafted in NBA..go back n look up an overhyped no1 named Sebastian Telfair

  2. Why…. I couldn’t even dribble with my left hand yet when I was in kinderkare

  3. A bunch of these ranked kids gonna get the shock of their life time!

  4. Give that young man his scholarship now !!!! College PAID 😁😁😁😁

  5. Honestly it freaks me out whenever I see a young kid this talented. I just know this kids dad or mom was a Bball player that never quite made it and has been training their kid insanely hard since he was like 2 years old

  6. Keep 1/7 on the same team for the next five years….dynamic duo.

  7. Kason, keep up the hard work.
    The Miami heat players would be excited to have you in their roster right now. They need all the help they can get. Your mazing kid. Good job to your parents for all their commitment and love.

  8. This kid has junior college written all over him!

  9. To humble kids like this, they have to be beaten……

    ……and then beaten at basketball, if possible.

  10. Who is teaching these kids to celebrate after every play. Coach should be fired.

  11. sad this is what we let little kids become, all of them

  12. We are really excited love you boy

  13. A third grader with that kind of ability with either hand is impressive.

  14. The kids got really talent. Now we wait. Will he physically grow and will he self-destruct from his own ego as time goes on.

  15. Ngl I can beat those 3rd graders they small I’m 5th grade

  16. Dam these kids are amazing there passing shooting dribbles everything they eat and breathe this game can’t wait to see them as they get older. I would hope academics come 1st or else you can have all the gift you want

  17. This is probably the only time I have been (or, will be) impressed with anything with regards to the sport of basketball.

  18. This kid has great talent. He can dribble, shoot, block and has good court vision. If he keeps working he can really go places, but these kids just gotta learn to stay humble. No more of this flexing, smack talking and fist pumping stuff. On my team, you can have your best game of the season, but once you step out of line and don’t stay humble, coach is sitting your ass right on the bench.

  19. Pitiful attitude and sportsmanship. Shame.on his parents and coach

  20. Kid watching too much Steph Curry, copying all his mannerisms 😂

  21. People need to teach kids to stop bragging if there better then others

  22. Everyone should read the book Outliers, and plan their kids birth date so that they’re one of the older (and thus bigger) kids on the team. 6 months is a big difference in development when you’re 9

  23. It is better to be humble than knowing the meaning of humility. No need to flex.

  24. He can shoot and dribble extremely well. But I really liked seeing his passing. He is always dribbling with his head up looking for other players. Really young players don't usually have such good passing instincts.

  25. He has actually exhibited good skills at this early age plus some cockiness which should be kept in check. Now, all he has to do is to grow in size!

  26. Raise your hand if you can absolutely block him:🙋‍♂️

  27. The biggest issue here is how kids today behave. This is insanely terrible behaviour, and not normal for a kid this age. We need to teach our kids to have humility and not think too highly of themselves.This is key, otherwise when life’s inevitable troubles come their way, they won’t be able to handle it. Don’t tolerate young kids showboating, taunting, disrespecting their opponents, and making fools of themselves in public.

  28. 3rd grader???

    He looks more like pre school going into kindergarten

  29. The kid can do a lay-up with the correct foot and leg! He does better than most NCAA players and even some NBA players. He has a great future.

  30. Yo every player be wearing the same shoes even the coach

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