Things Got Physical vs TRASH TALKER! Mic’d up 5v5 Basketball Game VS Hater! -

Things Got Physical vs TRASH TALKER! Mic’d up 5v5 Basketball Game VS Hater!

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  1. Brandon: big dude cant guard worth sh.t

    Big dude: come on bro you're little

    Also brandon: I'm not one to talk sh.t first

    😭😂😂😂😂😂 you literally provoked it my dude.

  2. Damn you were on that guy big time you should have just focused on the game Brandon

  3. Wow Brandon you petty talking all that shit

  4. Scrawny Brandon is the one going at him when the man ain’t even saying anything LMAOOO made himself look so stupid bc he would get his shit rocked by that guy🤣🤣🤣

  5. Brandon: you suck after big guy misses wide open shot
    Also Brandon: Daps him up before the game
    The views are going down for a reason might have to bring jackie into these games

  6. Brandon’s mentality jus not the same anymore..

  7. I understand trash talking is apart of the game, but you gotta admit Brandon did the most. He came for everyone in the team and continued to run his mouth to 23. He was annoying tbh

  8. Brandon one of these players I have those in football not fun to play with

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  10. Steve needs to go he’s a bad player and teammate

  11. Brah you annoying af lolll your teammates the ones who score and you just talk

  12. Yoooo Brawadis! Me and my fiancé just landed in LA! My fiancé is pregnant but our dream is to meet you and the whole family! We’re from Alaska and we’re going to San Diego on one of the days we will be here. We’re going to Disneyland on some of the days too so that would be cool if I see you there! We really hope to meet you! We’re BIG fans! Hope you read this and respond! I’m gonna remind you everyday until you see this! ❤️

  13. I love how much bravado’s cares for his teammates tho

  14. Why y’all so Press trash talking is a big part of basketball 😹

  15. He really took "you’re little" personally like that

  16. That trash talking is part of the game. Brandon got in that guys head

  17. One guy says he’s little: brawadis starts going crazy

  18. He sees all these YouTubers coming up from hooping in parks and getting intense and he is trying to do that in a church league

  19. Is this fr brawadis, acting immature and shit?

  20. Love you bro but you were talking smack first can’t get mad at him for backing up his teammate

  21. He should just sit out and commentate didn’t do shit all game 😂

  22. This was the gayest things I’ve ever seen by far this guy scored like 5 points

  23. This ones on you brawadis you started it first

  24. this why i love Brandon 😂😂😂😂😂

  25. “I don’t start the trash talking” brawdis since the start – you’re trash 🥴

  26. And you look just like you’re number 1 supporter g😂

  27. bro, you mad annoying LMAO I couldnt even finish the video. you made a whole nother clip just to say you dont talk trash but you literally do. you're so confusing. you talk a lot during these games bruh, just play, no need to talk the whole time. Most things you say are not even helpful.

  28. Brandon needs to know how to think before he speaks. Let the court do the talkin

  29. Funny thing is they both only scored 3 points they both trash

  30. Bro I swear it’s like you feel so entitled to provoke shit. Bro just play the game. ALL you do is talk shit. I can’t wait for the day somebody fights back and cracks you

  31. I mean u did say there big man can’t guard

  32. No offence but that trash talker could shoot to save his life

  33. Sorry the way Brandon talks it’s just funny to me Let’s be real Brandon is not a MMA fighter or a boxer like he actually would’ve gotten so fight he wouldn’t know what to do exactly you just know how to swing his hands around or kicks but nothing like a fighter would do.

  34. You gotta buy your team mates better uniforms bro!!! It would be dope af

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