These basketball videos are so inspirational 👏 -

These basketball videos are so inspirational 👏

Omar Raja – ESPN
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  1. Future NBA player love the determination RESPECT😤

  2. This is amazing. He be doing layups at 5 but I cant even do them.

  3. He’s turning into a a a NBA player😮😮

  4. And I’m seven like him I can’t even do that move that he did that was crazy❤❤

  5. “How it feels to know a 7 year old is 10x better at on if your fav sports than you are “

  6. just keep getting better and better nice work

  7. Adan Chavez hi I like Messi and Ronaldo says:

    How old is he now?

  8. Don't u know the black man has a extra tendon and their legs so they can jump higher to get away from police

  9. bro when still 2 years old is better than me💀

  10. Even a 4 yr kid is better than me Im 11 😭

  11. Wow that kid is talented I would miss all my shots 😅😂

  12. every time that kid shoots it is blocked by taquavion

  13. O goy more basketball skill thane at 2 to 3 😭

  14. A 1 year old can dunk even better then me 😂

  15. As an Brazilian I get lots of insults about I'm a disappointment and should be playing football ⚽ but the insults made my stronger and ow playing for NBA youth draft basketball🏀

  16. Bro is the next Lebron that kid better than I am

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