The worst college basketball game was so historically awful, a ranked team scored just 24 points -

The worst college basketball game was so historically awful, a ranked team scored just 24 points

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Do you ever forget where you put your keys? Or the name of a friend-of-a-friend? What about how to play a game that you’ve been practicing, thinking about, living and breathing for your entire life? That’s what happened in February 2019, when Virginia Tech and N.C. State played each other in a game that was supposed to be basketball but rarely resembled the sport. Both teams were ranked, both teams were great shooters, and yet they combined for a game so terrible that it was a complete blowout EVEN WITH the winning side only scoring 47 points. Woof.

Written and produced by Ryan Simmons
Shot and edited by Joe Ali


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  2. That's what happens when everyone slumps or has a bad night at the same time.

  3. I think the 2011 Championship game is the worst game ever played because of the context.

  4. I haven't watched the entire video but I'm thinking this is similar to what happened to the Olympic badminton games.

  5. I wonder what is the lowest score for girls' games

  6. Thank goodness this was only on Raycom and not a national outlet. This game, especially on NC State's end, wasn't fit for national consumption.

  7. This is a weird WNBA game.
    Even the players look a little off…..

  8. i finished all of weird rules so i’m just watching what youtube suggests to me

  9. i’m keeping an eye out how no one has the numbers 6 7 8 9

  10. Plot twist: the defense was really good and this was the best college game ever

  11. Look, as a VT alum and fan, I’m just glad we won the game 🤣

  12. This is probably the worst game because it was low scoring and non-competitive. But there was a semifinal game in the B1G tournament a few years back between Wisky (of course) and PSU. It ended 36-33. I was there and had watched OSU win the first semifinal so we stuck around naturally to watch this one. We left midway through the send half because we were bored to death. I think the score was something like 26-24 and we just couldn't take any more. As far as my team goes, I think the worst "score desert" game I witnessed was an early season game vs some nobody team. That team was so terrible shooting the ball I swear it impacted OSU. The halftime score was 30-6, and the final was 59-22. That team got to 22 by hitting a 3 pointer with less than 2 minutes to go. It was the fewest points OSU had given up in something like 70 years.

  13. Justin Herbert is not in Bald Gang Anymore says:

    Virginia Tech football beat NC State 45 to 24

  14. the thing is this would be an entertaining score for an nfl game

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  16. Reminds me of the March madness video from RDCworld

  17. Oh, come now SB! If you lower your standards, and start calling all the average games "Extremely EPIC", then this wasn't a bad game at all!

  18. Lol I went to high school with the VT point guard

  19. why are you saying "rally" lol. it's raw-lee

  20. Was… was there a gas leak in the locker rooms or something? Food Poisoning? Did both teams have the mafiosos telling them to throw the game?

  21. People from NC pronounce Raleigh closer to Wall-E than rally.

  22. @ 2:07
    they upset the Basketball Gods
    in the realm of legends!
    BUT is this proof that the NCAA can MANIPULATE the rim‽‽
    Study NCAA games long-range. shots & some missed dunks
    after The Round Of 8 for
    the past 10 or 12 years!

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  24. You pronounced Raleigh wrong. Really makes tour credibility take a hit

  25. First, learn how to pronounce "Raleigh." It's not "rally."

  26. I ran the books for a 6th grade instructional team tournament one time. The highest COMBINED score was 10 points. 6-4. There were (2) 2-0, a 1-0, and a 2-1. It the worst thing I had ever seen. And it only lasted longer due to the amount of jump balls and free throws (that were usually missed)

  27. So who cares! If it was so bad stop looking at it.

  28. The sad part is that it isn’t even two GREAT defensive teams. They just can’t do anything

  29. Nope. MSU. Jud said we can't win yet we will not lose badly ..halftime score… 6.

  30. So NC State could hit the broad side of a barn. That's one heck of a bad streak.

  31. December 20, 1983…Number two Kentucky travels to heavy underdog and rebuilding Cincinnati for a basketball game. Cincy decides to hold the ball each possession until they can get a layup (no shot clock in those days). Halftime score was 11-7 UK and the Wildcats prevailed 24-11. And this was shown on ESPN.

  32. It's like they're playing worldwide football or something.

  33. 3:45 I know they had 7 TOs but man how do you only put up 4 shots in 7 minutes, that's insane

  34. lol, all the 3pt attempts at the beginning, trying to be heroes or something, ever heard of passing?

  35. Friend: Crazy game dude, North Carolina State lost to Virginia Tech 47-24!!!
    Me: So..? It sounds like a normal football score to me.
    Friend: in basketball…

  36. Bro, this does not even compare to some of the games that take place in the NAIA.

  37. Dude sounds like Paul Rudd. This is very well made, loved it.

  38. You need to make a video based on the 51-29 game with Wazzu @ ASU which just ended an hour ago

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