The USA's Dream Team v Germany - Men's Basketball | Barcelona 1992 Replays -

The USA’s Dream Team v Germany – Men’s Basketball | Barcelona 1992 Replays

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Relive the full Men’s Basketball Game of the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona (Spain)! In their third game of the tournament, USA’s legendary Dream Team of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley and more faced Germany.

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  1. The small carbon empirically snore because philippines substantially squash beneath a majestic cappelletti. uppity, imminent grey

  2. This is very serious. It will dictate the treble of the future 🙏

  3. Why didn’t John Stockton play in the Angola game.

  4. Had to have been the best coaching job ever for the US team. All you have to do is draw up the word highlights on the drawing board

  5. 55:51 xD Barkley joking with a NBA ball? Where is the exit xD

  6. Germany playing with an NBA player too. Be like…."our secret weapon, Detlef Shremph"

  7. Não precisava do "Barcelona 1992". Esse foi o único "dream team". O resto é seleção dos Estados Unidos.

  8. wow i am watching this more than the nba currently!! now THIS is basketball! Larry was around 38 here, he had a terrible back injury but still played on

  9. why are 80% of the people chewing chewinggum? 😂

  10. I wonder how and what did the German coach tell his team motivated with such wide gap in scores.

  11. In those times only one national team could even win that dream team and of course was united Yugoslavia of Drazen Petrovic(Radja,Kukoc,Vrankovic,Paspalje,zdovc,Divac,Danilovic,Savic,Perasovic).

  12. Imagine pat Riley coaching this team it would really be SHOWTIME running up and down the floor on every play

  13. if derk in this era maybey a littlle bit chachge but still foreever mj and kobe

  14. jordan,barkley, ewing .. was solid ..

  15. why is that number 9 on the germany team just brain dead through the first 7 minutes of the game.

  16. the 92' olympic were too easy for team USA 🤣

  17. Where is dirk when you need him

  18. Why did Jordan keep giving up the ball lol he could have scored almost all the points singlehandedly. I know he was PG but still

  19. Too slow and not too skilled compared in today’s basketball

  20. it was just mind blowing for us europeans to see such athletes (more or less) the very first time, compared to them basketball in europe was like in slow motion 😂

    thats why dream team I will remain THE dream team forever 🙂

  21. Блин, это было 30 лет назад!!!

  22. Lebron can score 100 points in this era

  23. Top USA stats vs. Germany:

    Bird 19 pts, 3 stl
    Malone 18 pts, 5 reb, 4 stl
    Jordan 15 pts, 12 ast
    Barkley 14 pts
    Mullin 13 pts, 6 ast, 5 stl

  24. Detlef versus America kinda unfair 🤣 & Laettner over Thomas what a snub at the time

  25. DEXTER - The Kindle Publishing Fearmonger says:

    No Dominique, not quite a dream team.

  26. Look at the thumbnail and how the German is holding his arm straight.

  27. this btw isn´t just the US dream team – this could be said abput germany as well only one missing is young Dirk who was already 23 in 1992. best german team eve

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